PUBG: Patch 8.2 brings new weapon, grenade, textures and more

PUBG: Patch 8.2 brings new weapon, grenade, textures and more
Update 8.2 brings new looks, weapons and more to PUBG. 
Source: PUBG Corp.

There are new toys in PUBG again! This means the new MG3 machine gun and the decoy grenade, which have found their way into the PC version for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with Update 8.2. From now on you can try your hand at using the new weapon and grenade. But you will also notice other, smaller innovations sooner or later.

The developers have also worked on models and textures for existing weapons such as the Kar98k, SKS and M416. All three buzzers now have a completely new design, which should result in a higher graphic quality. The noises that the weapons make in use have also been adjusted so that they better match the new quality, according to the official announcement.

In addition, the patch brings new docks to the Erangel map, some improvements in the “Quality of Life” section, the “hide helmet” function (only for the player himself) and some optimizations in terms of performance, bugs, and UI Friends list. Skin lovers can still look forward to two new sets and four individual new items on the subject of “Night in the City”.

The MG3 machine gun

The new weapon belongs to the category of really strong dealers in PUBG. Therefore, the MG3 will initially only be available in supply packages on all maps. In addition, the weapon is not yet available in ranked matches, the test in normal games should first show how the MG3 integrates into the game structure.

The MG3 comes with two different shooting modes, a bipod for stability, tracer ammunition to keep an eye on the dispersion, and increased weapon damage to vehicles and should therefore be popular prey. Further details at a glance:

  • Freely selectable: 660 or 990 rounds per minute.
  • 75 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition in the magazine and a muzzle velocity of 820 m / s.
  • Tracer rounds are fired with every 5th round and the last ten rounds of a magazine. So you always know exactly when the ammunition is running low. (The tracer bullets are only visible to the shooter.)
  • Supports optical attachments up to 6x riflescopes.
  • Increased damage to vehicles (compared to other light MG).
  • Increased stability when used lying down (thanks to the mounted and automatically folding bipod).

The decoy grenade

Do you prefer to play tactically and confuse your opponents instead of looking for a direct duel head-on? Then the new decoy grenade is an item that fits perfectly into your equipment. This too will initially only appear in unrated matches and be available as world loot. You can find and try them all over Sanhok for now.

After it ignites, it simulates gunshot noises for about ten seconds, giving you the opportunity to change your position or perform other maneuvers. It can be armed early to reduce the time it takes to detonate after the throw. (The whole thing doesn’t work in water by the way …)

Revised weapons

As already mentioned at the beginning, both M416, Kar98k and SKS get new models and sound effects. The completely redesigned weapons shine in new splendor. Could this be a pilot overhaul of all of the models in the game?

The Erangel docks

Last but not least, we want to give you a first impression of the slightly modified Erangel map. There are a total of four new docks that are spread across the map. Two docks have been added to the existing shipyards, one in Novorepnoye and the other at Ferry Pier, the south coast of the main island of Erangel and Sosnovka Island have also received new docks each.


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