PUBG Mobile New Gilt Set Released

PUBG Mobile New Gilt Set Released

Hey, PUBG Mobile enthusiasts! Big news for all you battle royale aficionados out there – a brand-new Esports Fantasy event has just hit the scene, and it’s raining legendary and mythic items! If you missed the teaser that dropped on November 26, 2023, we’ve got the inside scoop on the stylish collectibles, including the jaw-dropping Decisive Day AKM skin and the ultimate Foxy Flare set. Don’t blink, because this event is live and kicking since November 27, and it’s set to keep the excitement rolling until December 21, 2023 (UTC+0).

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IntroductionPUBG Mobile’s Esports Fantasy event brings legendary and mythic items until Dec 21, 2023.
What’s in Store?Features the PUBG Mobile Gilt Set, including the Decisive Day AKM skin and Foxy Flare set.
Event CollectiblesMythic and legendary items, including the ultimate Foxy Flare outfit and exclusive emote.
Gem Exchange and Exclusive DealsUse Electro Gems to grab exclusive items if crate spins don’t favor you.

What’s in Store?

Let’s dive into the treasure trove of goodies available during this PUBG Mobile extravaganza. The PUBG Mobile Gilt Set is stealing the spotlight, featuring the iconic Decisive Day AKM skin, the coveted Foxy Flare hoverboard, a sleek backpack, and a killer emote. These mythic items are the crème de la crème of in-game exclusives.

But wait, there’s more! Legendary items, considered by many to be even more stunning than their mythic counterparts, are also up for grabs. Among these treasures is the ultimate Foxy Flare outfit, complete with headgear and an exclusive emote that’ll have you turning heads in the lobby.

Event Collectibles:

  • Enchantress Set and Hat
  • Enchantress-themed Plane and Buggy Skin
  • Spectral Swan Set (Old Gilt Set), Headgear, and Emote
  • Electro Gems
  • Half Gems
  • Development Materials
  • Paints

To get your hands on these beauties, you’ll need to crack open some crates. Spend UCs wisely, as each spin will cost you ten UCs for the first of the day and sixty UCs for subsequent spins. Looking to go all-in? The ten spins bundle is available for 540 UCs. Just remember, prices might vary based on your location.

Gem Exchange and Exclusive Deals

Didn’t strike gold with the spins? No worries! PUBG Mobile’s got your back with the “Gem Exchange” option. Check out the prices for these exclusive collectibles:

  • Foxy Flare Set: Six Electro Gems
  • Foxy Flare Headgear: Two Electro Gems
  • Foxy Flare Hoverboard: Two Electro Gems
  • Foxy Flare Backpack: Two Electro Gems
  • Foxy Flare Emote: One Electro Gem
  • Decisive Day Upgradable AKM Skin: Three Electro Gems

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