GB Instagram APK Download

How to Download the GB Instagram MOD APK:

If we ask anyone nowadays that which platform is used by most of the people than I am sure that the answer would be Instagram. This app gained a lot of popularity in the last few years due to its unique features and of course the easy and efficient way it’s been used. GB Instagram is same as Instagram but it has very advance features demanded by the user such as if you love customization and some new themes to change over time then I am 100% sure this app would be liked by you. This application is having a great user interface to provide its users with an excellent experience while using it. But this doesn’t mean that we are replacing the actual app but only making few advance changes as demanded by the customer all over the world.

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The GB Instagram will allow the user to download other persons stories, pictures, videos and almost anything as far as possible. There is even the feature to copy anyone bio mentioned on the main page of the Instagram page. Availability of privacy option that enables us to lock the chats on Instagram and even the app through the pin, pattern or number. There are various options available to change the background and theme of the Instagram page and per user convenience. Almost everyone on Instagram is fond of having a majority of people to follow them for this there is an added option been provided on the GB Instagram by which you could add as many people as your follower on the particular Id you want.  this feature is claimed by the developers and is liked by many user currents using this application. There are features which are unique such as the trends going on will be mentioned on the main page every day on all the categories you are interested in.

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The GB Instagram is currently the number one MOD APK used by people in the market. Rating and reviews make it clear that people are using it and are quite satisfied. This Instagram MOD adds up so many additional features on the currently available Instagram that would make it so smooth and efficient to use. The current version GB Instagram is currently running is 1.40 version. There are so many websites available from which this MOD APK can be downloaded. There is also some stable version made available that can be downloaded without any kind of trouble. There are over 10,000,000 downloads done till date and still counting. The size of this app is about 40.1 MB.

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There are some of the features of GB Instagram that I would like to highlight as would provide a clear picture of the things available in the app that is making this app popular among a lot of people.

Features of GB Instagram:

  1. The advance application creates a change in the attribute of the original Instagram account and then help the user to download any image or video shared by other user or just copy it.
  2. Only one click is enough to download the media file to be used by Instagram users.
  3. There is no requirement to have Instagram plus to download the contents.
  4. All the already features on normal Instagram is also available on the MOD APK
  5. The comments that are made by the followers can also be copied without any trouble.
  6. The language preference is also available on the app that can be changed according to the user’s preference.
  7. Now the videos and the audios can be auto-played without much trouble.
  8. There is an option available through which any chat can be made as a favourite.
  9. The notifications can be deleted automatically and the user can also set the options through which the notification of his/her choice will only be available.
  10. There is no requirement to have a rooted device
  11. Now you would be even able to add voice note as stories which are of course quite a unique feature.
  12. There is an option to add the tag in the stories and even in the comment section.
  13. Sharing links, videos and even other things is much easier now.
  14. The fixed theme and bubble colour are also available on the chat section to give it a good and different look.
  15. A fixed crash option is also been enabled.

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How to Download the GB Instagram MOD APK:

The minimum requirement to download this application is to have sufficient space in the device to install the APK. Your devices are needed to be rooted to get access to the required root folder for the installation process to complete.

There are only a few steps required to download this APK in your device do follow:

  1. Download the GB Instagram MOD APK from the popular site
  2. Link provided
  3. Before this go to the settings and enable the unknown sources option under the applications.
  4. There would be the requirement to root the device for access to the root folder. Without this, the application would not be able to install
  5. Run the download file from the location and wait for 2 to 3 minutes while the installation is been completed.
  6. The application would be ready to run on your device.


The GB Instagram is a unique application in huge popularity nowadays. Kindly follow the simple steps and download it to enjoy the amazing experience.


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