How to do Influencer Marketing on Instagram

How to do Influencer Marketing on Instagram

The marketing strategies of influencers has become one of the most recognized topics in discussion nowadays. This is a hot topic if we consider the market point of view. If you try to understand the reason behind this is not that much hard to understand. As we know that Instagram is a community of over 600 million active users which consist of many incredible content creators. The platform has managed to become a top virtual marketing platform for almost all kind of business consisting of start-ups as well huge global companies as well. A few days back Instagram has made some important and considerable changes in its working algorithm which is mainly done for the ongoing business through this very platform. As if now the posts will be visible based on engagement rather than in chronological order. This change has affected running business profile on Instagram. All this simply means that paid advertising, as well as influencer marketing, has become one of the most important rules as compared to all others ever made onto. So now the main question here is what does influencer marketing means.

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What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing cannot be defined as a new phenomenon. It’s something that is built on the very foundation of word-of-mouth recommendations. Social media here has revitalized the power of marketing in a whole new way which at some point quite exciting while in another way somewhat different than the usual which the reason this whole thing should be understood exceptionally. Various brands can use influencer marketing to collaborate with a relevant online influencer. Through this actually, there is trapping into both their creativity as well as engaged audience so that these all things can build brand awareness in an authentic as well as organic way as a whole.

This is somewhat different from a friend recommending another friend a holiday destination. After their suggestion, you would, of course, appreciate their choice. This is all based on the judgement been trusted in a way to be used further. Influencer marketing works in the same way with some minor differences. As in here, it allows you to target your audience of like-minded people that is follows an influencer they trust based on work, experience, creativity or anything else. Here influencers refer to a whole bunch of people who comes from different kinds. It can be described as a community of people with different taste, talents, passion, profession etc.    

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Influencer marketing in few simple and effective steps:

Now let us try to understand the steps through which influencer marketing can be done. There are several things that you can learn from other popular brands which have a great impact on the market nowadays using the social media handles such as Instagram. This comprises of what methods worked for them, what tool they use. Let’s try to understand each of these steps briefly.

Step 1:

The first thing to do in here is to come all prepare to start up which is something like doing your homework. There are plenty of things that you can use that those popular brands make use of. Something like what is is the tools they use for their posts, in which content they get more engagement in etc.

For the start the best place to look which are the brands you consider as competitors. One of the most popular tools is whalar labs which allow the user to see all the possible metrics on your Instagram account and then compare it to your competitors this is how you can make things go quite smoothly.

Step 2:

The next thing to do is to set a clear brief as by doing so the chances of reaching out to your target audience will become somewhat easier. This will make your campaign more successful as in here the influencer gets the freedom to create the content that he thinks will attract more audience towards his very brand. You are supposed to showcase your creativity in all the possible ways that you can. Mocking up goals is also a great thing that can be done as creative freedom is one of the keys behind successful Instagram influencer.

Step 3:

Once the idea of coming out what you want to achieve all you have to do here is to find the relevant influencer. As its quite obvious that getting wrong in here can be a bit expensive so play slow and effectively. In this way, you may make the right decision at last. In every possible market nowadays, there are several influencers. This can be fashion, lifestyle, travel or even fitness. You are in simple words is surrounded by a bunch of influencers from whom you can learn. All you need to do is to invest as much time as you can and by that, you may get some excellent results.

There are few other things you can do let’s see:

  1. Make use of the collaboration structure as through that you can manage many things such as timeframe, output delivered, content in usage, money invested and achieved, making use of sponsored hashtags and setting up your campaign goals.
  2. The other thing that you can do is to make maximum use of the content value. In this, you can publish your product page at the top, publish it as Facebook ads or can even make it publish on all other social media handles.


I hope all the information, as well as tips shared above, was helpful to all my readers.


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