Granny Legends Tips and Tricks

Granny legend is free to play a horror game that was launched a few months back. This game was developed to be played on both androids as well as iOS devices. Since the time entered in the gaming industry was liked by a lot of known players were more likely impressed by the plot and the twist of horror enabled within the game. Apart from that, the game has undergone various updates since then so that the user’s experience can be improved. The game was a big talk over six months as for such a small game getting the fame of six months is not as easy as it looks. One who has played this game will surely say that beating granny is a Challenge that not at all easy in the very first place. Without the proper guidance, the new player will not able to survive till the main stating lawn. The game is however considered horror and the main reason behind this is the sudden attacks made by the dear granny for different corners and that too very fast. The player is not able to decide on a sudden voice following her before you know it you are killed. To help the new as well experienced player this article consists of some tips and tricks. So, if you are someone who is being looked around for the tricks then do continue reading. Also, the guide will not spoil the ending of the game so in that case, be tension free.

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Tips and Tricks in Granny Legends

Let’s start with all the tips and tricks. Kindly do follow:

#1. Pick only the items that you need:

As we know that granny is a horror game that features a lot of items. If there is a count then nearly by 40 items at least. In all, though items there are only 13 items that are mostly required to survive the very game. Most of these items are shattered around the house and as there is no map provided you may encounter different items as you pass by. The decision that which item can help you should be made by the player as by picking up unwanted items you are helping yourself nowhere. Also, one thing that must always be kept in mind that if the player picks up an item and then realizes that the item is not of any use. In such a case the player will drop the item suddenly which will make the noise attracting the granny towards you. Also, only one item can be carried at an item which makes the things even more complicated than before.

#2. Try to grab the pliers early:

Most of the items present in the granny’s house can be used once but it is not the same case with pliers as its users in three different parts of the house. So, if you can find these then consider yourself lucky. Let’s see the list of places where the pilers are useful. The first one is the circuit box which is located in the basement where it is used to unlock one of the locks in the front door. The second thing is in which it is used is for disabling the alarm clock. The third thing is turning off the fan which is located upstairs as you are given access to the key item.

#3. Kindly remember the items placed:

When the players pick up and drop the items at different locations in the house and remember it than the place you are covering becomes quite easy. Also, in the granny, the items are not reset to their original possible when the location is changed this is something that the players can take advantage of. The screwdriver is one of the exceptions as it’s kept before on the starting shelf in the main entrance. Remember where each item is being placed will reduce unnecessary backtracking.

#4. Check the key locations again and again:

As the players are already aware of the fact that the items of the granny house are scattered at all the whole place around. But apart from this, some locations can be determined by the key element. This is one of the most important tricks used by professional players. The places that you can find these key elements are inside the jail cell fan, the basement safe, playhouse machine, car trunk, and basement stairs. Kindly keep in mind that these are the location that you are needed to visit for sure.

#5. Use headphone:

The use of headphone is quite important in games like the granny game. As the mobile game is not exactly known for all the killer control schemes and in such as case granny is no different. As many of the times, the players are required to look around to see from where the granny is coming from. Also, if you want to help yourself with sound then I must say that the headphones are great things to be used here. By this the small detail voice can be heard such as the opening of the door, walking on the hall etc.

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The tricks mentioned above with surely help the players to come good in the game. I hope the article was useful to all my readers.   

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