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The Warzone of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can bring a lot of fun, but sometimes it is little stressful because you fail to win the game even after making so much efforts. So, here in this article we are explaining the list of top 10 warzone call of duty tips following which in any situation how you can proceed towards victory. Here are our 10 tips to help you succeed in the warzone.

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Warzone Tip 1: Play in the Team

You can be more successful in Battle Royale if you would play in combination of players as a team and not just as solo. As a team, you can help each other throughout the game and thus you do have advantages over those who are playing individually.

The coordination and communication of the complete squads will usually be better and the people are well connected to each other.

So if you want to start a Warzone match, go around your friends list and take with you who you can.

Warzone tip 2: Pay Attention to the Mini Map and take the Silencer

In order to locate your enemies without visual contact, you have 3 helpful tools in Warzone that are available at all times:

  • The big map
  • The mini map
  • The compass

On all of these three tools, you will see the opponents firing shots near you. If you hear the sound of shelling, you can easily check out  the position of enemies.

Always keep an eye on the mini map. The compass also shows targets which are far away from you. If you have not find the position perfectly, than you can  also look at the large map to find out the exact position.

The other way around, you should use weapons with silencers. This obscures your position and has an advantage over loud shooters without damping. Find out here what other silencers bring and how they work in Modern Warfare.

Bonus Tip: Since update 1.17 you can change the mini map from “Round” to “Square”. The small card in the top corner is then almost 20% larger.

Warzone Tip 3: Loot as little as possible

Sounds strange, but in the Warzone you can mess up the round by looting too much. You might lose too much time in looting and didn’t concentrate on other aspects of the game.

The problem with degenerate looting: If you encounter an enemy after several minutes without a firefight, you may be unprepared or not well rehearsed.

This makes aiming and meeting much more difficult. If you go hunting for other players directly, you also have the chance to get a lot of cash and good equipment, but you are warmed up and always on your guard. If you are still on the road with the best weapons from the Warzone , you have the chance to win every firefight. Stuffing your pockets full of cash and loot is not always the best way.

Where you jump off doesn’t make much of a difference in the warzone, at least when it comes to loot. There are places that promise more loot, but you can also find good equipment in remote places. So, concentrate more on how you can get equipments and best weapons from the warzone rather than just concentrating on loot.

Warzone tip 4: Completes Orders

Everywhere on the Warzone map you will find orders that your team can do to bag benefits. On the left in the picture you can see the concrete goals and the time you have for it. On the map you can check the specific position of the goals.

Bounties – Kills a specific player

  • Advantage: You see an opponent on the map and can go hunting specifically.
  • Disadvantage: The enemies see if you get closer and if they can escape, they get a lot of cash.

Enlightenment – Hold an area for a certain time

  • Advantage: If you complete this mission, you can see how the field narrows.
  • Disadvantage: When the reconnaissance is completed, a signal rocket shows where you are exactly over long distances.

Looting – Loot the displayed boxes

  • Advantage: You get 3 thick boxes on the map.
  • Disadvantage: Sometimes the boxes are unfavorable.

Loot at the beginning of the round and try to complete a reconnaissance mission in each match. So you can secure decisive advantages. The bounties can be particularly exciting. If the opponents run away quickly, you can put the cash in the pocket of your team.

Warzone tip 5: High ground, power positions and planning

A war leader is selected by the warzone at the start of each round. You don’t necessarily have to jump off with the leader, but it helps if you choose someone from the team who says where to go. The leader then focuses on the tactical approach and keeps an eye on the big map, while the rest of the team can secure the places and focus on killing the enemies.

This procedure helps to act together as a team, since one pays a little attention to the actions and routes of the team and directs them. It also means that you can often act from “power positions” such as “high ground”.

So you take a position from which you have an advantage over the opponent. Often this is above the enemy, because from here you can hit the enemy soldier’s head better, while showing only a little of your body. Most of the time, however, you show your head, which can be a slight disadvantage. High-grounds are particularly suitable for snipers. Here are tips for prospective snipers.

The leader should always try to secure the procedure with “power positions”, keep a cool head in firefight and give clear instructions.

Bonus tip: Planning until the end of the round is made significantly easier with an “explanation”. Do the mission, get the information about the shrinking circle and go deep into the endgame area.

Some of the most popular MW cards are installed on the map. Those who know their way around can immediately take the best positions.

Warzone tip 6: Watch Out for Ammunition

The ammunition mechanics limits you a bit when choosing weapons in the warzone. There are a total of 5 types of ammunition with 8 weapon classes:

  • Assault rifle and LMG
  • MP and pistols
  • Sniper and DMRs
  • Thrower
  • Shotguns

This is particularly restrictive for assault rifles and LMGs, as you can only take ammunition with you to a limited extent after a long firefight which is quickly used up. Avoid carrying an LMG and an AR at the same time and prefer to use something with range or a rocket launcher.

Warzone tip 7: Take Missile Launchers with you

At least one in the team should be ready with a loaded rocket launcher. The throwers bring you two advantages that you shouldn’t miss:

  • Effective fight against vehicles
  • Good against covered enemies due to environmental damage

The vehicles are everywhere in the war zone and helicopters are constantly flying over the map. With a thrower, you have the opportunity to act against the mobile pedestals and also catch opponents who are waiting around a corner for their health regeneration

With a Missile launcher you don’t have to be afraid of a rolling vehicle.

Warzone tip 8: Remember spots and play aggressively

In the warzone, it’s more important to know where the action is going. Collect a loadout and play aggressively from the start. Remember the spots of action, find the opponents, chase them and you will be successful quickly.

The good possibility of respawn is that it allows and rewards you. If you fall over for the first time, you can still save yourself from the gulag. After that, it costs your team $ 4,500 to get you back in the team. With a little luck, they will be collected quickly and your teammate can bring you back at one of the many purchase stations.

With a self-resuscitation token, you can get back on your own if you haven’t been gunned down completely. This token is also available at the buying stations for $ 4,500.

Bonus tip: The Warzone headshot multiplier is quite large. You should always try to hit the head as the armor doesn’t differentiate between body and head. The enemies go down really quickly.

Warzone Tip 9 – Endgame: Get personal loadouts

Make special loadouts for the warzone and adjust them again and again. The goal in each round should be to bring your own equipment combinations into play. The best warzone equipment and perks can be found as below

  • You can get the storage boxes at the purchase stations for $ 6,000 and the whole team can stock up on their personal loadout. However, the box is visible to all players on the map.
  • This brings you really powerful and personalized weapons, your preferred loadout and is the only way to get perks in the warzone that gives you even more advantages.

Bonus tip: Don’t use the perk “overkill” to lug two weapons into the BR. So you can take a strong perk from the red category, for example “ghost”. Most of the time, when you get your loadout, you already have a good weapon that you can pick up right away.

Take your usual loadouts and bonuses with you to the warzone. Here you can find loadouts for the strong gray 5.56.

Warzone Tip 10 – Endgame: Use your cash and supply stations

In the end, you often have a lot of money in your pocket: So use it. If you have a “power position” in a late circle, make sure that a buying station is nearby.

There are kill streaks, armor and you can revive buddies. Prepare yourself optimally for every fight. Since the opponents often bring you back coal, you can go shopping again after the fight.

Do not be frugal and knock out everything you have. In the endgame, your pockets will almost always be crammed with cash, so you don’t have to be stingy here.

Bonus tip: If you have enough plasticine, then a drone will start at each supply station. Then you see the opponents on the map for a short time and can take another killstreak with you. If you start 3 UAVs at once, you will even get the functions of an “improved reconnaissance drone”.

Do you have any other good tips for Warzone or Battle Royale in general? We welcome all of the suggestions of our readers and encourage them to comment on our blog and we will list these tips in our article as well if it is worth for our readers.


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