How to hide WhatsApp chats without Archive

How to hide WhatsApp chats without Archive

Hiding WhatsApp chat is one of the most widely discussed topics nowadays. This topic discussion as well doubts has recently made its entry in vogue too as the users of this very application are worried and still hunting for the best ways to hide the WhatsApp chats. In this article, we are going to have a brief discussion on the topic of hiding WhatsApp chats without achieve. Kindly read forward to find relevant answers. As we already know that the application of WhatsApp is widely used to send messages in form of connecting us to our loved ones. The tool has gained a lot of popularity since the day it was launch as the user was finding the app quite friendly, easily accessible and of course easy to use. As time passed the developers of this app was able to add many other features this app making it more and more useful for its users. But the recent security feature implement by the developers in this app has created a lot of threat in correspondence to the security of people using it.

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The people have been quite worried regarding this new alert. To be safe, they are prominently searching for some methods through which they can hide their chats without making use of achieving. The app is widely used in every field nowadays whether its personnel or professional once in all there are tons of information on this application which if falls in the wrong hands then will destroy the lives of many people and also many organizations will face a lot of problems too. Despite any age boundaries, the WhatsApp application has a million users. And this very reach is due to the user-friendly attribute provided by this application in the past few years. Another feature that helped the app to achieve so much reach is that the application is quite simple to use without any kind of lag or error. Now since the recent update people are worried about their previous send messages, pictures, videos being misused and I would not claim this as something wrong. First of all, I would be explaining the simple steps involved in hiding the message using achieve followed by without using achieve from which you can choose based on your preference. So, let’s get started without wasting any time further.

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How to hide WhatsApp chats using Archive:

The steps here are easy to follow. This is the first method people give priority to that is the reason for its extensive use:

  1. Firstly, you are required to open the WhatsApp application using the mobile number by which the account was earlier created.
  2. After updating the contact number, you need to enable chat in WhatsApp and complete all other login process coming ahead one by one.
  3. As now you are on the chat page kindly click on the three-dots option present at the right up corner of your screen
  4. You are required to select the chat you want to hide and then open the options
  5. As you open this you may find a list of options from which you are required to select achieve and then click on it to hide chats from others.
  6. The desired chat will be hidden in no time

All the steps mentioned here is quite simple to follow without facing any kind of trouble in the first place. The same set of steps can be used in both androids as well as iPhones. Just in the case of the iPhone some steps are not need to be followed at all like selecting. Now moving further, we are going to see the steps involved in hiding WhatsApp chats without making use of achieve option.

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How to hide WhatsApp chats without using Archive:

Most of the people get quite puzzled in knowing that there is even a method there to hide WhatsApp chats without making use of achieve. But the first thing I would like to say that there is a method such as that. Kindly follow the steps written below:

  1. In the first step, you are required to download as well as install the GBWhatsApp on your android device.
  2. After this login into the application software as soon as the installation is completed
  3. Kindly make sure that all the security updates are already enabled as well as given access too
  4. Now you may be able to see all the chats on your screen
  5. Just long-press on all the chats that you want to hide one by one and then just after that click on the option of hiding the chats with the option available when you long press.
  6. All the steps will help you hide the chats without making use of the achieve option

This method is a second choice used by a lot of people nowadays. Kindly follow the steps without missing any.

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The method mentioned above is verified by many people. Kindly use and see


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