Enable Dark mode in WhatsApp without Root

Enable Dark mode in WhatsApp without Root

As most of us are already aware that WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messenger app that is been used by billions of people worldwide for their personnel as well as professional work. I would not claim the fact wrong that there is not even an android phone which is ruled by this app. The user interface of this app is amazing due to which the process of using the platform is not at all complex. One of the most effective reasons behind the popularity of this app is its amazing features. As there are several features provided by this platform which is updated from time to time to make the use of the app quite convenient for most of the users.

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How to Enable Dark mode in WhatsApp without Root

There are many alternatives of WhatsApp present in the market nowadays but none of them is as popular as the traditional WhatsApp app and the reason is, of course, less complexity, excellent performance and much more than these two. Some of these popular clones are Anti Ban YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, RC YoWhatsApp APK. All these apps are not advised to be used as there is no guarantee of the security of user’s data. Now let’s see the topic that today article is all about. As recently it has become a trend that people prefer to use the dark mode in every other app. This is the reason that the dark mode of WhatsApp was much awaited by its users and apart from this the Facebook platform was still in its beta stage of the dark mode for the WhatsApp platform.

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Well, one can easily understand the reason why people prefer using the dark mode in the app more than the light mode all this is because the light mode is quite hurting for eyes if used at night or the dark more actually give a kick to the colour combination of WhatsApp messenger app. Due to such a high user demand, the dark mode was launched and for this, a beta program was initiated. However, this feature may include only a few members. But that is not considered as a matter of concern at all. The beat mode is enough for the dark mode and the users are quite comfortable with it too. Since the beta program is an individual method to use the dark mode here there is no requirement to use root. There are only a limited number of people who can use this program let’s try to understand the things required to use it. Below I am attaching the downloading link. Just tap on the link to download the APK zip file. After that, you can just follow the installation process just like other APK apps by following the tutorial given below. 


Install process of WhatsApp Beta APK:

Kindly do follow the step-by-step process without missing anyone. But just before that make sure that you follow all the pre-requirements since it’s quite crucial for the installation process.  

Pre-requirements for the installation process:

  1. First of all, kindly take a complete backup of your WhatsApp chats. This can easily be done by going to the WhatsApp original settings> chats> backup. 
  2. The original WhatsApp should be uninstalled from your android device. This can be done easily just by going to settings> apps> WhatsApp> uninstall
  3. After this one more thing that should be taken care of is that you must enable the unknown sources option by going to the settings of your android device. For this all you have to do is to go the settings> security>enable unknown sources.

Installation process:

  1. Now as all the pre-requirements are completed one can download the WhatsApp beta APK from the link below.
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/file/llud008fbsqq7n1/Whatsapp_Beta_V2.20.13_%2528androidjungles%2529/file
  3. After this, you have to go to the location in which downloaded files are stored. This is easily shown in the file manager or even from the notification bar as well. 
  4. After this click on the downloaded file to open it and then click on the install button existing in the file.
  5. Now for enabling the dark mode you have to follow some more steps.
  6. When you start the APK file you need to sign up using credentials. This is a must for the dark mode beta program.
  7. Please ensure that the file downloaded is recently launched as we do not advise you to use an older version.
  8. After this launch the WhatsApp beta APK once it is downloaded and installed
  9. In the app now you have to go to the settings option which can easily be accessed by tapping on the 3 vertical dots visible in the top right corner and then in them choose the settings option
  10. After this, you can initiate a call or video call to any of your contact. This is done to check whether the APK is working fine or not.
  11. After this go to chats> theme> from there choose the dark mode

Everything is done now you can easily see the dark mode been enabled in your app.

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I hope all the information mentioned here is quite useful for most of my readers.


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