Why should WhatsApp ban a number and how to activate it?

Why should WhatsApp ban a number and how to activate it?

In today’s article, we all are going to discuss a topic which has become quite usual nowadays and that is the reason many people are constantly searching out different types of ways in which such a condition can be avoided. This problem is nothing else but WhatsApp banning someone phone number due to which they can no longer use the platform. This a critical problem as WhatsApp is used extensively in both personnel as well as professional work. Many of us have seen this message stating that your number is banned from using WhatsApp and we do not know the actual reason behind this problem as such a situation is happening with a lot of people but has not become that common for sure.

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The situation is quite shocking. We try to wonder that how such a problem was created and how can I come out of it. Well, the simple answer behind this whole problem is that you have ended up violating some terms and condition of this app. The company consider these conditions quite serious. The ban criteria used by the platform of WhatsApp is mainly of two types the first one is temporarily followed by permanent. The temporary ban is disabling the usage of your account for 8 to 24 hours at most while in case of a permanent ban the account is not available to be recovered. There is some good documentation presents on the web about this ban but still, there are a lot of speculations amongst the users why their number is banned. In such a scenario kindly keep reading the article further to get all your doubts clear.

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After the WhatsApp app bans your account, it ends up sending you two main things. The first one is their terms of service document and the second one is the terms of service of WhatsApp. Both the links are attached below.

Now coming to the logic behind WhatsApp banning your number. This can be understood by covering two broad points:

First considered logic:

  1. We users need to understand that the app of WhatsApp is owned by a company for earning profit just like Facebook for example. The main purpose behind their whole handwork is to maximize their revenue in form of earning. This is a fact.
  2. They have users in millions which the fundamental asset on which they can earn revenue with the business API that they can provide
  3. In here their user base will be on continuous increase only if the service provided is clean and without any spam encountered in it.
  4. If the violation is done by any user then they are forced to take action to maintain the trust of their users
  5. So, if you are someone who is involved in sending spam messages then they will automatically ban you for sure.

Second, considered logic;

  1. As we know that the WhatsApp generate most of its revenue by API and other important automation services
  • Considering this if you use any third-party tool to emulate all this function then also your number will end up being ban.

So, one more important question that arrives here is that is the ban dependent on the tool that we use. Well, let’s try to understand the answer briefly. First of all, it’s quite a big myth that the platform of WhatsApp is always dependent on the tool that we use. In here there is no proper logic that proofs the relation between the tool and the number getting banned. WhatsApp monitors all the activities from the server-side, not from the client-side. So, one thing that is clear that nothing is associated with the tool. The statement is wrong hence proof. There is no requirement of any tool to do WhatsApp marketing as everything is quite build in. 

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Here are some reasons that are behind the ban of your number:

  1. Using a third-party tool to send various automated messages
  2. Sending a lot of messages in a very short duration of time
  3. Sending the same kind of messages to a lot of people at once
  4. Your account has been reported or blocked
  5. Sending several messages to the contact that is not saved

Let’s now see how one can activate a banned WhatsApp number:

  1. First, try sending an email to [email protected] from the official ID. In there you can explain to them the usage pattern and request them to remove the ban.
  2. There are support options present on your WhatsApp kindly make use of that option. In there you must select no reason from above on the next screen.
  3. You can even write a personnel message to WhatsApp that why your number should not be banned
  4. Kindly avoid situations where your account can end up getting ban as after 2 to 3 temporary bans then comes the permanent ban.
  5. All these techniques work sometimes not as there is no guarantee in any of them.


I hope the information, as well as the methods mentioned in this article, will be of some use to all my readers.


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