Inmotion Web Hosting Review and Discount Code

Inmotion Web Hosting Review and Discount Code

Web hosting is one of the most important concepts relevant in today’s date which is used by both freelancers as well as businesses. In fact, web hosting is a big business in itself which is in turn providing for the businesses of many small and bigger businesses. First of it is important to understand the concept of web hosting; in simple terms the basic concept of web hosting is to create a successful online presence for any small or big business. If you have a business and you create a website of your business it is important to build a successful web hosting as well because as much as a domain is required, a proper web hosting is equally important to create and maintain a successful business online. In order to create the best web hosting, amongst the options available in market, Inmotion stands out amongst the rest because of its comprehensive features. Inmotion helps you put your dreams of a webpage into reality the way you want it.

CATEGORIES: Web hosting can be classified into different categories

  • Business hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • Reseller hosting


Amongst these categories, the two which are most used by most of the clients is virtual hosting and dedicated server. The concept of Virtual hosting basically means that there is one server for several websites which in turn provides a cheap website hosting option because several users can divide the cost of one server. In the Dedicated Server, a company can lease the entire web server for a given span of time. This is technically one of the best ways of getting the maximum traffic to your website because here you can have the entire server dedicated to bringing traffic to your website. Dedicated server is one of the best ways of using web hosting services since you can manage and modulate the server entirely as per your requirements. This kind of web hosting is generally expensive amounting to the monthly cost of what you would pay for virtual hosting.

Inmotion is growing steadily since its inception in the year 2001. It has heated up the competition by its strong presence and has set some great standards for its services.

Services provided by Inmotion

When it comes to best web hosting, Inmotion reviews have claimed to take down all other web hosting companies by heat. Inmotion does not only provide with the best but cheapest web hosting which is why it has become a favorite amongst the users and that’s what one can read in Inmotion reviews as well. Inmotion provides three stages for business class hosting from amongst which the clients can use the services and plans that suits their needs in the best possible way.



In the Business Class Services, the various services provides by Inmotion are:

1.)    Launch

2.)    Power

3.)    Pro

The price of all these services varies and the clients can choose from amongst these the kind of business hosting they would require. You can also get cheap VPS hosting if you choose your plan correctly and apply it tactfully on your business. Inmotion provides affordable web hosting for freelancers as well as established businesses.

Why Choose Inmotion Web Hosting?

When it comes to cheapest web hosting option, we all know we get limited options because most of the web hosting companies cost a bomb. Inmotion hosting is amongst the cheapest and best web hosting options that you will get. Inmotion hosting coupons provide an affordable option to the clients because these coupons can be applied to achieve some great discounts of as much as 40%. If you are looking for a web hosting company for your business, you must choose Inmotion coupon and avail some great discounts on your services provided by the company. The standard features of Inmotion include the following:

Hosting Email Features

Very few web hosting companies provide this facility of providing robust email which is compatible with most of desktop clients like Apple Mail and Outlook as well as works on all phones like Android, Apple and Blackberry. The feature also includes SPAM Assassin for free.

Web Design Hosting

Inmotion provides easy to use web building software which is compatible with most of the design platforms like iWeb, Microsoft Front Page and Adobe Dreamweaver.

Blog Hosting

Inmotion supports a lot of blogging tools like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others making it convenient for the clients. In fact Inmotion also provides with all these blogging hosts in their packages and clients can install these with just a single click.

Website Plug-ins

Inmotion is one of the rare web hosting companies which provides with a lot of website plug-ins like web calendars, wikis, forum software and a lot more within a click away from the clients with the help of their software installer Softaculous.

Streaming and Interactive Media

Very few web hosting companies provide the option of supporting streaming videos. Adobe Flash and audio and Inmotion is definitely one of them.

E-Commerce Hosting

Inmotion also lets its users sell goods online. The spftware Softaculous helps the clients to use a lot of E-Commerce options like PrestaShop, OpenCart, OS Commerce and Magento.

Dynamic Hosting Support

Inmotion provides its clients with the most advance and latest languages like PHP 5, Python, MySQL 5, PERL 5 and many more.

Other Hosting Features

If you are looking for the best and multiple hosting options then you must purchase Inmotion services which collaborate with different FTP accounts and one can easily access them from their cPanel’s official license which comes with the package.

Price of Inmotion Web Hosting


Inmotion is one of the most reliable and affordable web hosting options which provide web hosting to its clients at the best prices. The various packages and prices are as follows:

1.)    Launch: Small Business Starter Plan which costs just $5.99 per month which used to cost $7.99 and is available at $2 off which is great to start your association with Inmotion.

2.)    Power: This is the number 1 plan for small business and it comes at $7.99 per month which again comes at a discount of $2 and used to be $9.99. You can double your resources at an additional cost of just $2.

3.)    Pro:  The pack is great for hosting more than 25 websites on one account and costs $13.99 per month which has also been reduced by $2 from $15.99 to $13.99.

Apart from all this, if you purchase Inmotion you will get an additional $300 free advertising credits with any hosting package like Google, Yahoo, Bing,,, Twitter and others.

Inmotion Web Hosting Support

Inmotion is the most reliable and efficient web hosting company which puts you as its first priority. Inmotion ensures that its clients don’t have to wait for hours for getting a call revert from it; it ensures that when its clients’ business grows Inmotion grows with them and provides them with better package and even better services so that the clients don’t have to move their site. The technical support is excellent making sure it is available for the clients 24/7 and which is friendly and understands the needs of the clients in the best possible way.

Why is Inmotion better than any Hostgator or Godaddy


Inmotion is better than any other web hosting service provider because of the following reasons:

1.)    The servers provided by Inmotion are secure and reliable. Since internet is a term which is synonymous with speed hence it is important that the servers of the company must also be fast which is made sure by Inmotion.

2.)    Inmotion provides the best and the most aggressive SEO campaign.

3.)    Inmotion provides an uptime of 99% making sure that your website never goes down and the server issues are dealt with in the best possible ways by Inmotion. You can be sure that your websites will be running all the time.

4.)    Nobody provides money back guarantee and 100% guarantee for the servers and services but is provided by Inmotion.

5.)    Inmotion provides the finest customer service which is not only efficient but is also reliable and the clients can be sure that whenever they face any sort of problem, they are just a call away from getting their problems solved by Inmotion.

Inmotion also provides for a facility where before signing up for their services, you can have a detailed chat with them and you can also test their response rate properly before finalizing on them.

Inmotion Discount Coupon Code

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Whether you are a fresher in the industry or you have an established business, if you are looking at expanding your business, its time you get in touch with the best web hosting services at Inmotion.





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