Why the players should unlock Chrono in Free Fire

Why the players should unlock Chrono in Free Fire

When we start talking about the gaming world then Free Fire is considered as one of the most populate royal battlefield game. This game has quite a huge fan following which has increased since the game PUBG has been banned by the government of India. The game has already surpassed the download of over 500 million-plus and the count is still on. The game is popular due to many reasons but the common reason been heard by most of the players in the special character the game offers.

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These characters have a unique power that can be used in different levels of the game. All these characters are revolutionary and is been liked by many players. Among all these Chrono is been recently added to the game and till now the craze is still going. The character has some different power that is often called as revolutionary. This is why it considers as one of the powerful characters of the Free Fire game. In this article, we will be discussing some reasons why the players need to unlock the character Chrono while playing the Free Fire game.

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But before jumping in that I would like to highlight the different modes present in free fire game:

  1. The first mode is known as the Classic in this there is the standard BR experience is been observed. So, there can be 50 players been involved.
  2. The second mode is the clash squad which is quite famous among the players. The reason can the ability to play in the team of four in two parties facing each other.
  3. The third mode is called as the rush hour. Here the difference is the numbers of player that is about 20.
  4. The fourth mode is known as the big head which is famous due to its team deathmatch style. The objective is to kill as much as you can.  here in this mode, each character has an enlarged head.
  5. Kill secured is the fifth mode mostly considered as a temporary mode. This also follows the team deathmatch style. Quite popular among the players.

Reasons Why Players Unlock Chrono in Free Fire

Now let’s start discussing the reasons one by one about Why the players should unlock Chrono in the game of Free Fire:

#1. The damage blocking ability of Chrono:

Chrono is of the most amazing character in the Free Fire game. This character has the ability that is considered to be quite impressive in the first place. The ability is known as the time-turner that can block around 600 damage which is been coming from the opponent by creating the special field force at the same time more as a reaction. This ability is one of the best and of course unique than all other features of this character. The ability comes handy when the player rushes its opponent in open.

#2. The instant shelter:

The next reason is quite oblivious and is been recommended by most of the players. Chrono has an ability that allows the special character to create a special type of field force. This force is mainly used as a type of attack to block the shooting going on from the opponent side.

The special field force is semitransparent is not known by many of us. This the reason the player is safe and can attack back on the opponent at the same time indeed. Something like a backfire one can say well its much like that only. Apart from this if the player needs a shelter that can make use of the Chrono’s ability to make an instant shield around itself like a covering as well as protection belt. Also, from behind the player can backfire at the same time.  

#3. Act as the assistant to the allies:

Here the allies reside inside the force field created as a shield in the game. This is for a special purpose that is to get a major boost in the movement speed of the game. This is an actual benefit during the squad rushing or even executing an ambush in the first place. This reason is considered by most of the professional player as the speed matters a lot during the rush of the Free Fire game.

#4. The direct rushing:

The players in the free fire game can rush directly towards their opponent without any kind of hesitation at the first place when they are using the character of Chrono. The instant shield feature provides them with protection against an instant attack done by the opponent. The speed as well as the protection is the most promising feature this character offers. Her player is having the advantage of gaining an extra edge all over the enemy using the Chrono ability. In this way, all the health is been saved in the first place which is the x-factor of Chronos’s character.


All the reasons listed up in this article are quite important ones. This would surely help the player in knowing the advantages of Chrono’s character and the reason for choosing it while playing the free fire game.


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