How to Stream Mobile Game on Twitch

How to Stream Mobile Game on Twitch

The industry of entertainment and games is at its height and on an everyday basis, new things are launched and utilized to make integration as well as connection with real-world people easier. Now for the first time in history, it is possible to choose the video games from a list of thousands available and then the gaming experience can be broadcast live to our audience. Well isn’t it exciting? Yes, I am fully aware of our answer which would, of course, be a yes that too with sparkling eyes. Now coming to the concept of streaming which is mostly done by popular gamers has become one of the popular trends in the process. For streaming the platform Twitch has been extensively used as this is one of the most popular platforms that offers the largest streaming services on the internet. This is however used for sharing live streams related to playing video games on computers, gaming consoles and even on mobile platforms. So to know more about the Twitch platform and the overall process that is used for streaming by using the platform is discussed briefly in this article. Kindly do read it till the very end to get all our doubts clear. Apart from all the things mentioned above we will even be discussing a few new methods for broadcasting live videos from your smartphone or tablet. Now let’s start by understanding a few basic things about streaming and how one can start it.

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What is Mobile Streaming and how can one start it?

Streaming from devices like a computer and gaming console like the Xbox One or Sony’s PS4 mainly ensure a very high image quality during the broadcast but everyone has access to these things. Well, this should not stop you from sharing your gaming experience in the form of live videos with your supporters. So if you are someone who has great experience in playing mobile games then you can make use of the twitch platform for streaming. Mobile streaming can be simply defined as something that enables you to share live gameplay videos on any popular platform such as Youtube or Twitch directly by using your Android or iPhone devices such as phones, iPad, tablets etc.

There are broadly two ways through which mobile games can be broadcast on the platform of Twitch. One you can simply install an app that is compatible with your device operating system or the other way is you can install the computer software that helps you to cast the screen of your device that you are using for streaming your computer’s display. Apart from this, you have to make an account on the twitch platform and another thing that you need is a live streaming app on your mobile. If you are thinking of broadcasting your mobile game through a computer then you may simply require some important stuff like a microphone, a webcam, and necessary software that allows you to connect your smartphone or a tablet.

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Now moving to the apps that can be used to stream Mobile games on the Twitch platform. A few of the popular apps that are widely used for this very purpose are listed below. This is however the easiest way to stream almost all kinds of Mobile games on the Twitch platform. Apart from this, there are several options available for both iPhone as well Android but we mostly recommend you to use StreamLabs or Mobcrush.

#1. Mobile Streaming with StreamLabs App:

This app can be easily downloaded from the play store app for absolutely free. It can be used in both Android as well iPhone devices. Just download it and you can start your live stream in just a few steps. Through this app, you will be able to share your live videos on platforms such as Youtube, Twitch and Mixer. To start kindly log in using your Twitch account and this can be done by simply tapping on the option to log in to Twitch. After this, you will be arriving in the main window wherein in the upper right corner you will be able to see the stream icon. Just tap on it and soon a dialogue box will appear on the screen with this a prompt will appear to notify you that everything that will be displayed on the screen will be recorded and with that, you are just required to tap that and within two to three seconds live streaming will start. Once the stream starts you have to tap the three dots mentioned on the screen and select the edit button from where the name can be changed easily. With this everything is set and you can proceed to play your game.

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#2. Mobile Streaming with Mobcrush App:  

Just like the app mentioned above, you can even use the Mobcrush app to stream mobile games from both Android as well as iOS devices. For the new stream on iPhone, you have to enable the screen recording option that is available on the control centre menu. Apart from this, you must also take care that access within the apps is enabled to permit the app to record all necessary activities that you do while playing the mobile game. After successful installation unjust sign in using your Facebook account, google account or app account. The app main windows contain a stream of other players that you can watch for entertainment. Now to start a stream you have to tap on the hamburger icon located at the upper left corner of the screen and then from there select the broadcast option. A new window will appear soon asking you to choose the platform in which you want to live stream. Just tap on Twitch to proceed with the setup which may ask for a few permissions and with this, you are all ready to stream.


I hope the information shared will be useful to all my readers out there.


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