Top 5 Blogging Platforms in Digital Marketing

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Blogging has become a new medium to share thoughts and it’s also a growing carrier opportunity for a group of people. As the numbers of bloggers increased several premium and free blogging services appeared on the cyberspace. So if you are trying your hands in blogging for the first time then its better go for a free platform and gather some experience without losing money. You should look out for top blogging platforms on which you can build your blogs. Blogging is a great way to earn money online as well if you be able to increase your blogging traffic and if you do not have sufficient knowledge about blogging that blogging is not a good career for you.

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To start a new blog there are several fully free and top blogging platforms are available and all of them are loaded with bucket of features. So get your hands dirty and start blogging from today using any of the top blogging platforms listed below.

Blogger is a free, powerful publishing platform owned by Google that provides you with all the tools one need to start and grow a blog. It provides a sub domain, Dual mode editor, unlimited space for your articles and pictures. Some new features has been added to Blogger like robots.txt editing, custom 404 page, custom post meta description ,custom redirections and much more. Though is a free service but don’t worry about security matter as your blogger account is protected by Google. As it is owned by Google it lets you easily use other Google Products. Google also offers you to earn money with Adsense from your blogger blog.

WordPress is one of the most used Content Management Service till date for its attractive management features and user friendly behaviour. WordPress also offers free blogging service at their domain. By registering on you will get a blog as subdomain with almost every feature of WordPress CMS. But some limitations are there, you have to go premium to access theme files and to ad custom domain name to your blog.

Tumblr is mainly a micro-blogging platform, other than WordPress and Blogger it is focused on blogging frequently. Tumblr is like a mixture of blogging and twitter with attractive features of both kinds so you will not be bored with it. On sign up you will get a blog as subdomain and if you own a domain can link up with your blog for free. It supports multi user blog and all sorts of customization to the design of your blog. Currently Tumblr is hosting 97 million blogs with 44 billion posts.

Blog.Com is another free blogging platform and it is a WordPress based blogging platform. All the features are the same like but the space is limited to 2GB only. supports multi author blogs and for customization of your blog you can choose any of the themes.   The plus point is the subdomain name will be more attractive than other free blogging platforms and easily memorable, so if you wish a small blog url choose this one.

Livejournal is a free blogging service by SUP Media and it is one of the leading blogging platforms. This blogging platform has a social approach and made it more than just a blogging platform. It lets you create your own networks, join polls and contact with other bloggers. The blog URL structure will be like other blogging platforms. To make you journals look unique they lets to create your custom skin with lots of customization options and hundreds of preloaded skins.

So if you want to start a new blog for free choose anyone from the above top blogging platforms list and get engaged on blogging without wasting more time.

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