Top 10 SEO BLOGS to Learn SEO Course

SEO or search engine optimization is the word by which a lot of bloggers and webmasters get confused but bloggers like me don’t really care much about it.

Do you know why?

Because I always track of whatever the new things and updates that are happening in the SEO world through the blogs in this list of top 10 SEO Blogs as I mentioned below

And the same you can do with yourself after reading this post.

So, here come my list of



The name is enough. Right?

If you are doing SEO for a week or so, you must have come across this website in between.

They have a lot of premium seo tools to get your website to the top of Google and it also has articles on latest SEO tactics and there are also those articles which can change your current thinking towards SEO.


  1. Search Engine Land

The best blog to stay updated with the current SEO news and the best thing is that they get all the latest SEO news directly from Google. So, everything there can’t be WRONG.


  1. Seo Book

Aaron Wall is the creator and editor of seobook, the best thing about this website is that the posts there are short but are fully explained.


  1. Search Engine Watch

Another source of SEO news but you must not ignore it. Still one of the most successful SEO blog that also covers search engine marketing.


  1. SEO by The Sea

This is by far the most different approach to SEO, Bill Slawski is the man behind it. The most unique and advanced blog in SEO category.


  1. Search Engine Roundtable

Do you want what is currently happening in the search marketing forums?

I don’t think so. Well, this is when this blog comes handy it covers all the latest SEO news in the Search Marketing forums and BTW this blog has won the title of best SEO BLOG 4 years ago.


  1. Search Engine Journal

This post always try to post “Top List” which everyone would love to read and it also focuses on search engine marketing rather than news.


  1. SEOChat

Want some SEO tutorials or things related to it?

Than head on to this site and read their well-researched tutorials with a lot of awesome advice.


  1. Nine by Blue

This blog is founded by Former Google Webmaster Central founder Vanessa Fox. It provides well researched quality articles basically on the things related to technical SEO.


  1. Traffick

Traffick focuses more on paid search traffic but that does not mean that it will only tell you to spend money, there are many articles on news, SEO tips and search engine marketing too. It is led by Andrew Goodman (world recognized, a good Google AdWords expert)


  • MattCutts

He is the Google turner (Head of web spam at Google) i.e., he is mostly behind the algorithms update on Google. The reason why he is not #1 here is that he post much less about SEO than any of the other BLOG above. It has become a rather matt cutts personal blog than a SEO BLOG. But do check it regularly who knows when a new thing will be added to Google.

Still not sure about SEO or Search engine optimization and not interested in learning through these resources. So if you are looking for practical training for SEO than SEO Training institute in Delhi.

I recommend visiting all the blogs above at least one time every day. Do you have any other BLOG which can throw other SEO blogs away?

Do share your thoughts on this list of Top 10 SEO Blogs.


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