Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes in New York, US Fee, Modules

One of the most populous cities of United States is New York which is situated in the northern region of USA. It is the fastest growing cities of USA and generating highest revenue for the country US. It is the hub of many industries especially of Information Technology (IT), Game Designs, Biotechnology, digital marketing etc. Most of the vital part of its economy depends on the revenue generated by the multi-national companies located there. Digital marketing is also a vital part of it. It is through digital marketing that different companies situated there able to attract the customers using the online channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. In order to fulfill the demands for digital marketing for such big brands, there is a definite need of a well-structured and full-fledged digital marketing course in New York.

Digital Marketing Institutes in New York, US

Today every company from small scale to large scale want to enhance their business services or products using the online resources and therefore the demand for digital marketing experts is growing these days. A digital marketing expert can easily find an employment or job around the world but it is not an easy task to have complete proficiency in digital marketing without the guidance of any digital marketing institute or training center. One can find numerous digital marketing institutes in New York, USA and can also gain digital marketing certification in New York. The digital marketing training program can be ideal for students, business-owners, professionals, bloggers or entrepreneurs.

Modules of Digital Marketing

In general terms every institute of digital marketing focuses on the following modules of digital marketing:

  • Web Structuring
  • Search engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Analytics

Fees of Digital Marketing Course in New York

As far as the fee structure of digital marketing course is concerned, it varies from institute to institute in New York, US. Different institutes of digital marketing in New York, United States are charging different fee depend upon their brand value and the quality of coaching they offer.

If you would like to do digital marketing course in New York, than here you can find the list of best digital marketing institutes in New York, from where you can take digital marketing classes.


#1. General Assembly:


General Assembly is a leading and fastest-growing in providing education & career transformation. It has the specialization to create the students who do have in-demand skills to meet the today’s challenges. The digital marketing training program as offered by General Assembly in New York covers all the major concepts of digital marketing including branding management, content marketing, CRM, Customer Journey, Display Advertisement, E-commerce Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Analysis, Native Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Personalization, Programmatic Advertisement, SEM, SEO etc.


Address: General Assembly HQ, 902 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10010

Email Id[email protected]


#2. Noble Desktop: 


The digital marketing courses designed by Noble Desktop are well-designed by the top of the digital marketing experts who do have a proven record of increasing online sales and conversions for several business operated in New York and across the world. Know the best of the secrets of SEO, or you can even join their complete digital marketing program as well.


Address: 594 Broadway, Suite 1202, New York, NY 10012

Contact No: (212) 226-4149

#3. Knowledge Hut:

Knowledge Hut is one of the best Institutes for Digital marketing training in New York. In order to develop the in-demand and best of the skills, everyone is looking for such type of training that can boost them to make their career ahead. In such a situation, Knowledge Hut serves as a great option for anyone. The training cost they offer is also affordable and you can also get a digital marketing certification in new York with this institute.


Contact No: 18008437007

#4. LSI Digital Marketing Course:


LSI,s new curriculum in collaboration with TurnToTech will enable you to learn the digital marketing skills that you required to have in the 21st century digital marketing world.  After the completion of the course in eight weeks, students will have solid and in-depth understanding of the different concepts of digital marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO),  content marketing, paid Google/Twitter/Facebook campaigns, data-driven strategies for managing your campaigns and KPI’s and tools such as Mixpanel and Google Analytics. One will also be able to enhance their knowledge about what is latest going in digital marketing, how the traditional form of marketing is switching to this mode of digital marketing


Address: 40 Rector Street, 10th Floor, Suite 1000, New York NY 10006

Contact No:  +1 212 965-9940

Email Id: [email protected]


#5. Hunter College:  


Continuing Education Programs at Hunter College (CEP) serves as the non-credit educational arm of Hunter College, of the City University of New York. CEP meets the professional, academic and cultural needs of our rapidly changing global community. The digital marketing certification in New York as offered by Hunter College enables the students to meet the today’s challenges. This certification is ideal for those who are just making an entry in digital marketing or those who would like to make their careers in digital marketing or even for the professionals who would like to have better understanding of the digital marketing concepts.


Address: Continuing Education at Hunter College, E1022, 695 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065

Contact No:  (212) 650-3850

Email: [email protected]

#6. Jasmin Sandler:

Jasmine has been involved in implementing different kinds of SEO strategies on multiple projects since 2004. Different companies included the Citibank,  ISO etc. She is also involved in writing content for the leading digital marketing publications including, and for many years


Address: NEW YORK CITY, 1460 Broadway, 4th Floor, NY, NY 10036

Contact No:  347-527-5100

Best Digital Marketing Courses in NYC

The never-ending opportunities in the field of digital marketing in nyc have encouraged lots of youngsters, business-owners and entrepreneurs to build a career in this field. The constant growth in the field of digital marketing inspires the digital marketing experts to launch digital marketing course in nyc.  As compared to traditional form of marketing digital marketing is affordable and also measurable at the same time

But as the competition increase in digital marketing industry, as lots of digital marketing institutes in nyc have opened, it is hard to decide as to choose the best digital marketing institute in nyc. Among the list of top digital marketing courses in nyc, the best one has to be chosen on the basis of reviews, feedback and customer satisfaction.

The boom and growth in digital marketing institutes among New York covers the big cities, metros and towns.

The standard criteria to choose the best digital marketing training center in New York is judged by the faculties at these institutes, the certifications they provided, infrastructure and also how much they support for the internships and placements in New York city for digital marketing.

It is also important to consider that what are the modules, syllabus and tools are being provided by the different digital marketing institutes in nyc.

If you have to decide the best institute of digital marketing among the list of top 10 digital marketing institutes in nyc, the best one should contains all the qualities as mentioned above.

If you too offer digital marketing course in New York, United States and want to list yourself in the above list, than do e-mail us [email protected] and we would love to list you in the above.

We are also a leading digital marketing institute in Delhi offers digital marketing courses since 2008 and helped several students all over India to get their dream job in the digital marketing industry.


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