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Octro Teen Patti Hacking Tricks

Octro Teen patti is one of the famous online poker game that is mostly played in Asain countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The game is quite famous among these Asian countries and people love to play Teen patti game. The game is all about challenging other players in the different table that is having different boot values.  Many people in Asian countries are eagerly want to collect as many Teen patti gold and chips as it is possible and also in a very short span of time. So they continuously search for Teen patti hacks for unlimited chips or Teen patti hacks for gold or how to get Teen patti chips for free or how to get Teen patti gold for free etc such as for any other online poker games. So, in this article we will let you know how to get Teen patti gold or chips for free, what are the different hacks for teen patti, Teen patti mod apk, different teen patti hacking tools and also suggest you some legitimate ways to collect Teen patti chips and gold for free.

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You may find different methods over the internet to hack teen patti game but most of the methods to hack teen patti game are fake and scams and they are only want to gather data by encouraging you to fill up the survey etc. Do not trust on these online teen patti gold generator or tools as they are completely fake and scam and all your efforts will go in vain.

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You may also found some teen patti hacking videos over YouTube and those Youtubers claiming to hack teen patti game and showing you some proof as well but they are also the fake videos.

Millions of the game lovers playing Teen patti game multiplayer card game today in the world and it is rapidly a growing online poker game.  So, before discussing the teen patti hacks, let’s first discuss some legitimate ways to earn teen patti chips and gold.

Top Methods to Get Teen patti Chips and Gold

#1. Cricket Betting:   You can get Teen patti Chips just by betting on live cricket matches and thus can multiply your existing chips.

#2. Download Bonus: You can also earn Teen patti chips just by downloading the Teen patti game. You will get up to 3, 00,000 FREE CHIPS after downloading the game.

#3. Daily Bonus:  You can also get Teen patti chips as a daily bonus if you keep playing the game on daily basis.

#4.  Leaderboards and achievements: As you keep playing the game, you can unlock new features and levels in the game which ultimately also gives you benefits of getting more teen patti chips and gold.

#5. Invite others to Play:  By simply inviting your Facebook, Google friends to play Teen patti, you can earn Teen patti chips and gold.

#6. Dual Currency:  You can also exchange your diamonds into chips anytime and thus can get more teen patti chips.

Teen patti game is available in multiple language such as English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi. Now let’s discuss some teen patti hacks that are mostly available on Internet. On Internet you may find Top 3 methods to hack Teen patti which I am discussing now and also let you how much worth these methods are:

Top Methods to Hack Teen Patti

#1.  Using GameKiller to Hack Teen Patti: Game Killer is an app that one can install on its android phone to hack coins, money, gold and chips and can do much more in an android game but that app is actually work for offline games not for online games such as Teen patti. Game killer app also required you to root your mobile device which ultimately can void your mobile phone warranty and can also lead to loss of data. So, Game Killer app is not effective in Teen patti hack as it is for offline games.

#2. Different Hacking Tools for Teen Patti: Whatever hacking tools for Teen patti you found on Internet are totally scam and fake.  All of the tools available on internet will first ask you to download the software through a link and once you land on the downloading page, it will ask you first fill up the survey form to continue and it will actually not provide you any software or tool and just captured your information and collect your data. So, don’t waste your time to fill up those surveys.

#3. Using Freedom App to Hack Teen Patti: Another famous method to hack Teen patti game that is quite famous on internet is to use Freedom app but unfortunately that is also a fake method and will not work for you. I have also seen a video on YouTube which is showing how to hack Teen patti and get unlimited chips using Freedom app. I thought that ultimately I found a method to get the unlimited chips in Teen patti but unfortunately that too is a fake video and when I install the freedom app and run the teenpatti game and try to buy the chips, the pop up appears saying that “There is a problem processing your receipt and ultimately I got nothing.

You may find several such Teen patti mode apk that will claim that it will provide you unlimited chip and gold and they usually involved the following steps:

How to Install Teen Patti Mod Apk

  1. Download Teenpatti mod apk
  2. Now, save the mod apk file in your mobile device.
  3. Go to settings and allow third party app installation to your phone.
  4. Click the mod apk file and run it.
  5. Once the installation complete than exit, Teen patti mod apk is ready to play.

Conclusion:  All the above methods to hack teen patti are not effective at all and just a waste of time for all the teen patti lovers. So, I advised you to keep yourself away from such methods. The only thing that can work to get teen patti chips is that you can buy teen patti chips from somebody else but that too is against the law.

The only Working Method to Hack Teen patti

The only working method to hack Teen patti that I found to be the most effective one is to open up your teen patti app and check your leader board. Try to find out the players who are having lots of chips in their teen patti account and now try to hack the facebook account of those players. To hack facebook account, just follow the steps and methods I have written in the article. Once you have hacked the facebook account, you can easily sign into his/her Teen patti account using Facebook and get control over the chips, coins, money and gold. You can try the same using the gmail account as well.

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