How to get rename card in PUBG Mobile

How to get rename card in PUBG Mobile

Rename cards are typically purchased with us, which can be obtained by spending a few dollars in the PUBG Mobile shop.

Completing missions and participating in Crew Challenges regularly are two other ways to obtain rename cards.

In PUBG Mobile, rename cards are one of the most commonly used items. You’ll need more than one rename card if you’re a hard-core gamer who frequently switches clans or enjoys having different names after each tournament.

UCs, which you can get after spending a few dollars in the PUBG Mobile in-game shop, are commonly used to purchase rename cards. Completing missions and participating in Crew Challenges regularly in the PUBG game is another way to obtain rename cards. Does this sound perplexing to you? Let’s take a closer look at this aspect.

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Top Methods to Get Rename Card in PUBG

Given below are the methods to get rename cards in PUBG:

#1. Complete Mission

Completing missions from Level 1 to Level 10 is the most straightforward way to obtain a Rename Card in PUBG Mobile. You will receive a Rename Card if you complete the missions successfully. Simply follow the steps below to determine if you have one:

  • On your PUBG Mobile home screen, select the ‘inventory’ option.
  • ‘Rename Card’ is located at the bottom of the coupon sections. Scroll down to find it.
  • Change your in-game name by clicking ‘Use it’ and entering your desired name.
  • And that’s it! You’ve completed your task.
  • If you’ve reached Level 10 and are still looking after Rename Cards, you should start participating in the Crew Challenges that are held regularly.

#2. Participate in Crew Challenges

In PUBG Mobile, you can get an unlimited number of Rename Cards by participating in Crew Challenges daily. Similarly, try to kill as many enemies as possible while attempting to make it to the final zone. As many times as possible, revive your teammates and take health. In each match, try to score more than 300 Crew Points.

Best way to get a Rename Card using Crew Points

  • On the main screen of the game, go to the ‘Crew’ option.
  • Select the ‘Shop’ option from the drop-down menu.
  • By investing 200 Crew Points, you will be able to rename your card.
  • If you have that many Crew Points, simply click ‘Rename Card’ to receive a free card.

Given below are some more simple methods to get PUBG rename cards:

You can get free rename cards using these best tricks of 2021 if you expect to receive the trick of a free rename card. Every problem is always solved, perhaps it works for you.

#3. Use VPN

  • Download FAMOUS VPN from the Google Play Store first of all on your device.
  • Open and install.
  • Now look for and connect to the UK Free Server (United kingdom).
  • Close the application for the VPN.
  • Now open your mobile PUBG and tap on your country/region settings and (It must be the UK).
  • Now go to the section of events.
  • The new BEYOND ACE Challenge event will be shown there.
  • Now gather all the flowers with your friends and complete missions.
  • On 30 flowers you receive a free rename card.

#4. Crew Challenge

You can win unlimited rename cards with the help of the Crew Challenge. You can also earn a lot of rewards, presents, skins, and PUBG up for free, not just a rename card. You will have to take part in the team challenge for this. Will try every match to reach up to 300 points. Do as many medicines, medical treatments, healings as possible, revive your teammates, and try to reach the top 10.

  • Open your mobile pub. Open your mobile pub.
  • Click the Challenge Crew.
  • Tap Shop.
  • You’re going to see Rename Card there.
  • You can buy it from challenge points for your crew.
  • The price will amount to 200 points for the free rename card.

Reached level 1 to 10

The easiest way to get a rename card is to get it. The matches in the game must be completed every day. And because your level goes from level 1 to level 10. The PUBG is going to give you a rename card that you can get for free. You will receive a renaming card after completing 10 levels if you have a new account or player.

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#5. Make a New PUBG Account

  • Reach level 10.
  • Now go to the section of recompenses.
  • Then tap on the rewards you collect.
  • A free rename card is now available successfully.

#6. Buy Rename Card Worth 180 UC

PUBG maintains a lot of gifts and rewards in its shopping area, the only deal is that nothing is free. You’ve got to pay for it all. You must first buy UC for rename card by investing money.

  • Open your mobile PUBG first of all.
  • Go to the store.
  • Find the card to be renamed.
  • Tap it now and pay 180 Uc for card reception.

Tap the rename card to change your appearance


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