Steghide | Hide your secret information.

In our recent post, we discovered the method how we can hide our secret information behind any music media and protect it with a password. You can have a look at it Here: HIDING STUFF BEHIND ANOTHER MEDIA: MR. ROBOT

But, it is limited to windows only as of now DeepSound is only available for windows and also it only supports the audio file format.

So, here today we have a look at some more steganography tools as we mention some name in our previous post.

Steghide: Linux based tool which helps you to hide information behind any image and also protect it with a passphrase.

First things first: Installing the steghide to your fav. linux flavor.


root@admin#apt-get install steghide


Once you successfully install that package you are ready to launch it.

Before that create a secret file if you don’t have it already with you. and an image file that will cover up your secret file.

root@admin#nano secret.txt

Now, you can hide that information aka your secret behind any image and provide it a better security with the good passphrase. Just follow up these steps:

root@admin#steghide --help

root@admin#steghide embed -cf <image_file> -ef <secret_file>  

       -cf: cover file 
       -ef: embed file

All done… your file is now embedded with you secret you can share it over any media.


But, what? thinking how it can be undone or extracted back? how another person will read that secret. get your answer below:

For extracting information from the stegofile follow these steps:

root@admin#steghide extract -sf <stego_file>

      -sf: stegofile "the file containing secret information"

Learn more advanced techniques and make your data safer from hackers.

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