Squid Game Tips and Tricks

Squid Game Tips and Tricks

In this article, I am going to write about the Squid game and the tips and tricks that people can use to avoid some of the most popular mistakes. These tricks will also be helping people to keep track of some essential things that can make you win at last. How does the Netflix series Squid game become so popular among people? This is one of the common questions people ask. Well, let me clarify that first. Squid games became popular because this is something that people can relate their life with. It affects one’s subconscious mind and then people cannot forget that. If you feel something connected to you then it’s highly possible that you don’t want to forget that and on the other hand you are simply attracted towards it. Emotionally connected to something is the greatest connection and I know most of you know how it feels?

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I have seen people resembling themselves to any of the popular characters within the series and then try to defend or resemble it in some or another way. Well, do you remember the Harry Potter series and there were only a bunch of people who genuinely liked it but a lot of people just did not understand it? The real fact over here is that people were not able to connect themselves emotionally to such situations shown in the series. In the Squid game, the main concept is the difference between rich and poor. Here people are watching the players fighting for something. Just entertaining themselves by simply watching the fights going on. The players who are fighting are doing it for the prize pool which of course is money. This story simply relates to life where poor people put so much effort to earn money while the rich do nothing and simply have a lot of money.

I just binge-watched Squid game over the past weekend and was getting anxiety attacks as the life-threatening challenges were increasing with each episode. This K-drama is centered on testing people’s humanity in the promise of money. So now let’s start with the tips and tricks.

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#1. Red light, Green light: Stick Together

From our childhood, we have played this game in various versions. For me, it was a statue movement game. The simple thing to follow up here is to move when the girl is looking at the other side and be in statue mode when looking towards you. However here the lead character Seong Gi-hu hesitates to participate once he sees other players have been shot down. Despite his slow processing of events, he got help twice. The first time was when his childhood friend Cho-sang woo advised him to play the game so that he could live another day. While the other was when Abdul Ali saves him from falling when dolls turn back. These things you must take care of.

#2. Sugar Honeycomb: Happy incident may happen kindly pay attention

This game can be termed both dangerous and funny at the same time and I know many people will agree with me on this. This is however the nature of K-drama to mix these things so that people can enjoy both. The honeycomb challenge in this game required the players to cut the shape carved on honeycomb candy with the help of a needle. If you fail to do so then you will be shot. This is devastating and nerve cracking to see, believe me. But in between various funny things take place. The best advice I can give is to pay attention to what you are doing and just do not see other performances at that time you may feel pressured.

#3. Tug of War: “Brain over brawns”

This is my favorite challenge of the series and this is because in this it is proven that intelligence, as well as experience, make you win in physical games too. There is no explanation in this round as the losing team who cannot pull the rope will fall into their graves. As a tip, one can remember you need to think before acting and just plan accordingly. A team with people who know how to perform intelligently will surely win.

#4. Marbles: Be soft, not weak, Be Strong, not violent

The episode in the series was very emotional. And one of my favourite supporting cast managers got killed and that’s sad for me to watch further. Ali was of course the sunshine of the Gi-hun’s team but his over-kindness got him killed. Also in the game of marbles, the players had to be grouped into and they will suddenly be hit with shameless instruction that whoever wins all their opponent marbles will be saved and others will die. Ali over here agreed to be paired with Sang-woo who eventually lost the marble game to Ali. However, seeing that Ali was very reluctant, that was the cause of his death. As Sang-woo took the advantage of his trust and was able to trick him with handling his marbles. This teaches us not to trust blindly.

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I hope the information shared was useful to all my readers.


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