SEO Tips 2015 Get 1st Rank on Google With Any Keyword

So, What do you need to rank 1st on Google in 2015?

Well, if you are serious about ranking in SERPS than your search on how to rank 1st on Google ends here.

What would you get after reading this post?

You would know

  • How to rank high with little efforts.
  • How to do on page SEO.
  • How to build backlinks the right way.
  • How to dominate Google.
  • How +1 will impact on Google SERPS.
  1. Create only Useful and High quality content.

Do you know the shortest road to blogging success?

You may say that this question is not related to the subheading above, but thats not true. Because high quality content is the ultimate ingredient for blogging success.

You may not have other ingredients, i.e., On Page SEO, SMP, etc. but without quality content you should not even think about the success in the blogosphere.

What’s the secret to create useful and high quality content? Why only a handful of bloggers could create high quality content while others only struggle?

The secret is that you must first have the enough knowledge about the niche you are covering, than only post when you want to, not when you have to you would really see a big change between now and then.

And the answer to the second question is the quote below:

Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

– St. Francis of Assisi

I think I don’t need to explain the above quote. Do I ? Creating quality content is the most important thing regarding SEO Tips 2015 and you must stick to it.

  1. Go with the long tail because short doesn’t works better.

First of all, I wanna make it clear that from the word above “better”, I doesn’t mean that you would get better traffic from the long tail keyword but it is because you will get traffic easily i.e., your site would rank higher.

Now, let’s come to the important thing that Why long tail works better?

It’s because of the following reasons:

  • Only a handful of bloggers target long tail, So you can always rank better and even if some more are targeting most of the time your keyword would be totally different.
  • Traffic Guaranteed i.e., more visitors, more readers and more subscribers guaranteed.

So, from now on most of the time target long tail keywords.

  1. Perfectly spread keywords in the Meta Description and Content.

Do you know Why some sites rank better than you even then you have more backlinks then them?

I don’t think you know about it. So, here is what I know.

It’s because you have not spread your keywords the way Google and Readers, both would love, the way they are meant to be spread.

So, what’s the secret to spread keywords perfectly while not annoying readers much?

  • Try to use keyword in the first/second para and in the last paragraph.
  • Don’t try to be bold with using keywords instead be on the safe side by not using keyword two times in a single sentence, this would annoy a reader more than anything.
  • Try to use keyword in the h1 – h6 tags.
  • Try to keep the keyword density fewer than 3 percent and above 1 percent. Use a plugin to find the keyword density, there are a lot of premium and free plugin for this specific purpose.

Well, you can use above tips in the content of the post you will write but what about the Meta description? Right?

Meta description is too small and thus, there’s a big chance that you would end up keyword stuffing it. So, here is the tip to write a perfect Meta description.

Start the Meta description with the keyword and/or end it also with the keyword.

For ex-

If your keyword is SEO Tips and your post name is SEO Tips for beginners. Don’t do this.

Seo tips, seo tips for beginners, seo tips for everyone, seo tips for you.

Instead go with something like below:

SEO Tips, because there’s a lot of change in SEO comparing to it as it was 10 years before. If you want to rank better you must have some SEO Tips.

  1. Don’t forget the power of the images.

Images are the most powerful means to convey a message, it is said to better than thousand words.

Here’s what the benefit you will get if you would use a related and awesome image in your post:

  • Images adds a life to the post, most of the people will not love your post if it is ain’t living i.e., doesn’t has an image.
  • You can get a lot of visitors from a single image if you have used the perfect alt attribute (it is what Google sees to judge your ranking) because a lot of people search images mostly for fun and if you have a funny image there’s a big chance that the image would go viral and you would get a lot of visitors.

And a question arises now that How to find images for your blog post?

The best way is to create or capture images on your own using your camera or any software like Adobe Illustrator, etc.

Or if you don’t have time than you should go to this URL to search any type of images in any category because the images you will search there can be used on your website, it isn’t a normal search rather is a refined one.

  1. Do Steal but never go with the plagiarism.

Good artist copy, Great artist steal

– Pablo Picasso

Picasso was a great artist, didn’t he? So, you have known now that he has stolen the work to become one of the best artists ever.
Before going deep into this first keep this in mind that stealing here doesn’t mean to copy the entire post of someone and publish on your blog. It rather is analyzing someone’s post and then rewriting it in your own way, writing it better by finding the mistakes and correcting them.

Why Steal?

Because with stealing you would always produce high quality content on the topic that every blogger would love, at least your readers would.

How to steal?

  • First of all, find a popular post from any blog, than go on and read it from top to bottom if you don’t know much about the topic he/she would have covered.
  • Than start writing important points in a notepad or in a new post on your blog that are covered in the post you are going to steal.
  • Add some points of your own that would make the post better and beautiful.
  • Expand the points, start writing and after you have finished the writing part, find the mistakes that the author might have done. Correct them, add a perfect image and then click the publish button.

That’s it you have successfully published a post that is not even yours.

As you already know the value of backlinks towards a blog. So, I would not tell you about it for the sake of filling this space.

Almost everyone creates every backlink to the homepage of his blog, I would say its not the thing you must do.

How to build backlinks then?

First answer my below questions:

Do you want to rank even for a competitive keyword?
Do you want even more traffic?
Are you serious about blogging?

I can hear you saying YES. You can rank better and can get more loads of traffic just by creating backlinks the right way.

Now, without much more ado, let’s come to the main thing.

Always try to create back links to the post which you want to see rank better and if you would create them this way you will surely rank better for that post.

For this to happen, either comment on commentluv blogs or comment with the link to the post of your blog, not with the homepage of your blog.

And if you ever want to create back links to your homepage than it is best that you should guest post on other blogs because the link juice that get supplied through guest posting is far more beneficial than commenting.

  1. Google Authorship is the new big factor.

After Google released the authorship feature it was thought that it would become one of the new ranking factors. And it has become one now.

First of all, if you still didn’t know about this feature, here’s a small intro.

It is a feature so that you would be able to have your face with your content on Google SERPS.

How to add Google Authorship?

Go here and login with your Google account (if you haven’t done already) and follow the on screen steps to verify your Google authorship.

Well, there are a lot of other benefits too of Google Authorship and some are below to motivate you to use it if you don’t want to:

  1. It increases CTR of your blog on Google SERPS i.e., it increase the number of visitors coming to your site because a photograph attracts more people than a text would but that doesn’t mean title doesn’t matter, it has its own major benefits.
  2. It increases trust which is the hardest thing to increase. When people see your pic in the Google search then they automatically starts trusting you. #experience.

So, it’s high time to verify Google authorship if you haven’t verified already.

  1. Google +1 have a high impact than Facebook share.

There was a time when sharing on Facebook was better than any Google+ sharing but everything is going to change, there are much more benefits of Google + than any other social network.

So, let’s come to the main part, here are the benefits of Google +1.

  1. It gives you a major (PR9) back link every time someone +1 your post.
  2. More you stay active on Google+ the better will be your reputation according to Google point of view and the better ranking you will achieve on Google SERPS.

The thing is Google has always try to innovate his current things and a day would come when Google plus would affect your rankings.

So if you are a blogger than I would say that from now on be more active on Google+ who knows when Google would throw a new update and it’s better to be on the safe side before anything bad happens.

  1. Ignore any Black Hat SEO Tactic.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Using unfair means to rank better on Google SERPS is what Black Hat SEO is.

Why you should ignore it?

It is as simple as the equation below:

Black Hat SEO=Playing with Google= Penalization.

That means you would kill your blog yourself. The thing is any black hat SEO will always attracts you with an offer like Get 5000+ backlinks, Rank high on Google, etc. but you have to ignore it as it would only do harm to your blog i.e., Black Hat SEO techniques are the invitation to destroy your blog without much work.

          10. Be Daily because Google wants it.

Do you know why some sites rank better than you even though they cannot compete your blog in Google SERPS?

This is because Google loves blogs that are updated on a regular basis rather than those blog which are update only 1-2 times a month and with the word regular here I doesn’t meant it that you should post daily what I meant is that you should set a posting frequency and should stick to it as long as you are serious about blogging.

So, How to find a perfect posting frequency for you?

From today, try to post everyday than after a month change it to one post every week than again change it to some other thing.

Now, compare your result and the one which you find better. Go with it.

  1. Don’t get frustrated and taste the power of patience.

Don’t get frustrated when you can’t see the results instead wait and work more and more because SEO takes time and if you wait and work you will see even better results.

Now it’s your turn to share any tips regarding this post i.e., any tip related to the SEO Tips 2015. Still not sure how to implement SEO strategies successfully than join SEO Training in Delhi or complete Digital marketing course in Delhi.

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