Remove Sound from Whatsapp Video

Remove Sound from Whatsapp Video

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps worldwide. The app has been used from past few years for almost all the purpose whether it’s a professional or a personal purpose and all this is because the app has a lot of features that makes it is quite smooth to be used. Over the time the app was launched there were plenty of features added up such as audio and video call, voice recording, stickers or emojis and much more than all these. All these features help the active users using it worldwide to experience a great user interface that no other app in the market was able to match to date. Now as the demands of users are increasing the developers are trying to add more things to the app so that current problems that active users are facing can be resolve at the earliest. One of such concern was the associated with WhatsApp video in which while sharing background voice creates a problem. Apart from this some people prefer sharing the video on status without any video but the current app was not able to process this very request.

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That is the reason finally WhatsApp has launched a new feature within known as mute video which was said to be under beta testing earlier. As per some blogs available on the web the users of the beta version WhatsApp were using this feature updated under v2.21.2.13 update. Recently WhatsApp took Twitter to announce the new mute video features to all its active users. Also, this very feature is available for only android phone users for now. This very feature allows the users to mute a certain video before sharing it with anyone. The new mute video feature added is available on the video editing screen and a new volume icon is popped up from the present seek bar as just by clicking on that one can simple mute any video which is been choose for sharing. This very feature will be of great help to most of the users who want to share their videos without any kind of audio disturbance in the background as that can be quite irritating most of the time. As of now, this feature can be successfully used on android phones and there is no such information when it will be available on iOS devices.

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Now we know that when we are chatting with our friends then many times, we share some video for fun or any other purpose on the WhatsApp platform but there is not always the requirement of the audio. Through this feature lives of such people become quite easier. However, the process through which this thing is done is still under doubts. The process is quite simple and does not require any kind of editing knowledge but since it has been in the testing phase now it’s completely ready to be used. There is no proof that it can be used on WhatsApp web or not till now it can be used on most of the android smartphones that are confirmed. 

The tweet that was shared by WhatsApp was:

“For your eyes, not your ears. You can now mute the audio on your videos before adding them to your Status or sending them in chat. Now available on Android,”

Steps to Remove Sound from Whatsapp Video

Now let’s look at the simple steps involved that one can follow to remove the unwanted screening audio file from your video.

Step 1: At first you are required to open the WhatsApp app on the Google play store and in there if you see the option of an update then kindly click on it and let it complete. In case the automatic download option is turned on then your app would have already been up to date.

Step 2: As now the app is updated to its latest version the second thing that should be done is to Launch it on your device.

Step 3: The mute feature that we are supposed to use can be seen available both for the individual as well as group chat. There is even thins option made available for a status mode which is quite useful.

Step 4: To test this feature one can just record a simple video either on the chat tile or on your status option as this can help you know whether this newly launched feature can be used on your android phone or not.

Step 5: Once you are done recording the video you will be able to see a volume icon at the top left corner just tab on it to mute the video and with this, you are all set to send the soundless ongoing video to almost anyone in your chats.

If you are not able to see the option of mute video mention in step 3 then there can be chances that the feature is not yet rolled into your region as the feature is newly launched maybe the WhatsApp is rolling your region this may take some days’ time after that you will be easily enjoying this very feature.

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I hope the information shared above will be useful to all my readers.


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