How to Remove Ads from Windows 10

How to Remove Ads from Windows 10

Many of us in recent times are using Windows 10 and literally, every other person is satisfied with the experience been provided by the platform. Now we all know that many of us have got Windows 10 absolutely for free but certain things come hidden and can trouble us in many ways possible. This hidden price mainly comes in the form of disguised ads which mainly force the user to buy certain apps or services that is of no use so simply it’s just a waste of time and money. These circumstances are not only limited to the few offers that people use to buy Windows 10. As if you even possess the pre-loaded version of Windows 10 on your devices or have paid around $200 to copy the Windows 10 pro version you will be able to see the ads everywhere such as on the lock screen, start menu, action centre and even on Cortana. Seeing these ads almost everywhere is quite irritating and that is why many people recently facing this very issue want to get rid of it as soon as possible. In real words, there is the requirement of some simple methods that work for almost everyone around. As for many non-technical users, these ads can be quite amusing or I can something to explore as they can invest their time to figure out the possibility that why do these ads keep on appearing again and again.

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But in the case of technical users who mainly work on the laptop or PC for almost 10 hours daily may face some serious issues as their work will be delayed at some point due to these unwanted ads appearing all the time. One thing in here provides us with some relief which is that Windows 10 mainly let the users disable most of these unwanted ads that affect the user experience at any possible level. The only thing the users is required to know is to go where and switch off these switches to disable these ads. But this requirement cannot be fulfilled by all the users as a lot of people must not be aware of the steps to follow. However, through this tutorial, the things will be quite easy to understand as well as follow even for a beginner who has just started using laptops. So, if you are someone dealing with the same type of issue then kindly do read the whole article to solve the same. Let’s move further and cover all the places within the laptop where ads in Windows 10 can be seen and then remove those by following some basic steps.

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The Major areas from where the Ads can be removed:

Removing Ads from the Lock Screen:

The ads in Windows 10 can be seen on the lock screen which mainly uses two ways to see these ads one is through the Windows spotlight and the other one is through the custom background the users use. The uses, however, are not allowed to remove the ads through but Windows spotlight however in the case of custom background you can make certain changes. 

Follow the steps to remove the Ads:

  1. Open the settings
  2. Click on the option of personalization
  3. After that click on the lock screen
  4. There in the background down menu select the picture or the slideshow
  5. After that turn off the Get fun facts, tips and other things from both Windows as well Cortana on your respective lock screen toggle switch. 

Removing Ads from the Start Menu:

Recently it is been noticed that Microsoft company has come with a smart way through which they can sneak and monetize the start menu. They are mainly known as suggested apps or simply ads. This means the user gets the apps through the Microsoft store.

Follow the steps to remove the Ads:

  1. Firstly, you are required to open the start menu
  2. Just click on personalization after that
  3. Simply click start
  4. Over there turn of the option of the occasional show suggested apps.

Removing Ads from the Windows Ink experience:

Windows Ink is a new update recently been added on the occasion of the Windows 10 anniversary. This is a pen experience in short. With this new update, Microsoft even promotes some apps from the Windows store. A new fancy name in here is just a medium to do so.

Follow to steps to remove the Ads:

  1. Open the setting at first
  2. After then kindly click on the option of devices
  3. Then after this click on the pen and Windows Ink
  4. Then under the Windows Ink workspace and turn off the recommended app suggestion

Removing Ads from the Action Centre and Notification:

In this new version, Microsoft is been trying to improve the user experience through all the ways possible and for these tips as well tricks suggestions provided. This is however a good approach but sometimes becomes quite irritating as well.

Follow the steps to remove the Ads:

  1. Open the setting in your device
  2. After this proceed towards the option of the system
  3. Then in there click on the Notifications and actions
  4. Over there turn off the option of tricks and tips using the toggle switch available.

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I hope the information been shared above will be quite beneficial to all my readers


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