Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform Ever

Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform Ever

When it comes to blogging, I highly recommend you use WordPress for Professional Blogging. I have experienced a much better results after I migrated from Blogger to WordPress last week.

WordPress is a robust content management system which is rapidly being used by bloggers from all corners of the globe.

Benefits of using WordPress Platform for your Blog

After using WordPress, these are the reasons I think which is making WordPress stand out of all those Blogging Platforms.

You can download WordPress installation by clicking here.

Loading Speed

WordPress is like lightning speed and no other CMS can match its performance.
It’s CSS and Optimized coding style lowers the content to be loaded by using browser build in prefixes.

Out of all, there are some Web-Cache Plugins which will increase the loading speed of WordPress blogs is one big hit.

Ease of Use

WordPress can be handled like a Piece of Cake with its well-built interface and settings. There is no blogging experience or knowledge is required to run a WordPress blog. You don’t have to be a programmer or cyber guru to blog in WordPress.

Many newbies and people who are not well familiar with the techno side uses WordPress because of its user-friendly structure.

Anyone can edit, publish and modify posts and pages easily in some clicks.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You need traffic right? Your blog popularity and ranking depends upon your organic traffic which you need to give some real priorities to.

If you are using WP, you should not worry much about organic traffic and SEO.

WordPress effectively optimizes the main pages and blog posts for Search Engines leaving the door open for the web spiders to crawl easily and let the organic traffic flow. WP is more Search Engine Friendly than any other CMS and its SEO techniques are just another thing which makes it stand out.

 Quick and Easy Installation

Unlike other CMS, WordPress can be installed easily with some quick clicks.

Most of the Web Hosting services provide quick WordPress Installation Script packages which makes it easier for you to get your WP blog up and running within minutes.

Or you can manually download and upload the WordPress installation .zip file to your server in install it with some simple database works and modifications.

Professional Themes

This is one big thing I love when it comes to WordPress.
I can bet no other Blogging Platforms have professional themes and unique looks like WP do. Most of them are responsive, speedy and pro looking.

The king won’t be recognized if he wear torn sack of dress without no crown and walks through the lonely street.
The look is something you should really worry about.

You can easily customize and make the theme go in your way. Most of the Premium themes are affordable and worth buying.

Powerful WordPress Plugins

After Themes, the WP plugins are the next thing that won my heart. There are millions of WordPress plugins out there which you can use to upgrade and advance your blog to a professional one. You can use them to tweak or make it easier to blog.

I will be writing another article on the Best WordPress Plugins that every Blogger must have soon.

Updates and Security

WordPress is the most secure Platform ever and there is no big loopholes on it like Blogger have.

The Plugins and other services are completely trust worth and you don’t need to worry about anything related.

The best thing about WP is that it keeps on updating which makes it more powerful every time.

Updating plugins and themes are one thing you should do to keep it straight.

Over to You

I think now you know the best things about WordPress. So what do you think? Which one is better WordPress or Blogger or any other platforms?

Don’t forget to leave your opinions on the commenting area. Good luck.


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