How to Rank Faster in Valorant

How to Rank Faster in Valorant

Now that Valorant has completed its first act, Ignition, I believe it is appropriate to review what we’ve learned about the competitive nature of ranked queue. Let’s speak about how you can improve your consistency and push your competitive ranking even higher.

To get ranked quicker, should you solo queue, duo queue, or 5 stacks?

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to Valorant’s competitive ranked queue is that victories and losses are weighted the same for Solo, Duo, and 5 Stacks.

There are no “shortcuts” to the summit, and you can’t go too far either. To really improve your rating, the most apparent solution is to play better.

It is not how many teammates you queue with that determines your rank, but rather how you interact with them and/or the players with whom you are matched.

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Make sure you have the correct team members for the project.

Because there is no indication of a distinct ranking queue for Solo, Duo, or 5 stacks, it’s critical to locate folks you love playing with who also have a competitive desire to play the game the way it was designed.

Finding the meta, communicating in a healthy, productive, and resourceful manner while securing rounds are skills that all excellent teammates of any level possess, and these are the qualities you should seek while searching for people with whom you can form a winning team.

If you’re serious about grinding, locate a group of gamers to play with before, during, and after your regular play hours, with overlapping schedules in case you log on sooner or wish to play later. You’ll need backup and more players. Have faith in me.

Consider the makeup of your team and agents.

Another thing to consider when looking for players to queue with is what agents they are excellent with and how you will use your agent pool to complement and assist the team.

If your agents overlap and you can only play dueling agents, your team composition may suffer as a result of a lack of assistance.

In games like Valorant, heavy fraggers aren’t necessarily the greatest allies, but neither is a squad of support players.

You’ll have to strike a balance by getting to know the hero pool and playing to your strengths.

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Tips for putting up a competitively rated squad

  • Have a few supportive pals, but don’t stack them.
  • Allow Reyna, Raze, or Phoenix to be used by a strong fragger on your squad.
  • It’s OK to have a large buddy list with a diverse group of gamers. Prioritize a few at a time.

Collect and disseminate early game information

The first five rounds of each half of Valorant provide a wealth of information on which locations to exploit or back with support.

If you’re having trouble holding critical regions or need help from a player like Omen, who can recharge and hold off hostile players for a few seconds longer, be sure to communicate.

It is not weak of you to be open about your need for assistance or to request utility assistance. The more you communicate, the more information your team will have to be successful in the long run.

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Choose a “default” approach (not a 5-man rush)

In order to attack half, your team must agree on a “default” tactic, whether meta or not. To exploit opponent defenses, this basic tactic demands players with higher aim setups and the ability to seek for frags or stragglers on weak flanks or in the middle of the map.

Valorant’s 5-man assaults are particularly vulnerable to delaying and denial-based defender heroes. Learn how to use the clock and locate picks.

It’s crucial to play in the middle.

The majority of maps are designed with a large emphasis on the mid lane as the key to victory on both sides. To compel movement and rotations into favorable positions for your pre-aim or supporting teammate crossfire, find angles and inventive applications of your smoke skills.

  • During the round, look for pickups on strange off beats. Make the most of your time.
  • With the utility, you can control the midfield. Crossfires should be set up in high-reliable peek locations.
  • With your fraggers, force a pick in the vulnerable spots or places.

Communicate as though you’re an expert.

Remember to interact with coworkers effectively and efficiently:

  • It’s not effective communication to shouting enemy locations or updates over one other.
  • Nobody is listening if everyone is talking.
  • When dealing with messages from deceased colleagues, don’t overreact or overrotate.
  • Interpret the information in the most effective manner possible, and come up with a solution that doesn’t put you in danger for little or no benefit. If the chance arises, trade it, but don’t press it.

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Apart from team configurations, the most crucial element to consider at any tier, but notably at the upper levels of competition (Diamond, Immoral, and Radiant), is economics.

The effectiveness of your squad composition on each map will enable you to bounce back from round and ultimately match defeats. If your staff can work together to save money on utilities, you’ll have more buying power to assist fill up any shortages.

  • Purchases should be made in bulk. Consider your colleagues’ requirements.
  • Every round, not everyone can Operator. Make it clear who is purchasing what.
  • Always have utility on hand in case of a game-changing situation.

That concludes our discussion. Hopefully, some of these pointers will be useful when you enter Act II. I’ll meet you on the other side of the ladder!


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