How to reach Heroic in Free Fire

How to reach Heroic in Free Fire

The game of free fire has two major modes to play both these modes are also termed as the rank mode. The first one is for battle royal and the other one is meant for clash squad. Both of these has their own more like individual rank system that is mainly present to hold up all the necessary competition around more accurately and systematic order. The gamers are already being categorized into many tiers. This is however done based on their skill caps.

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As it is already being known to us that most of the people among you look forward to reaching the very pinnacle which is also being known as the heroic tier. This is the expected term. This level of achievement is not as easy as it looks because it arises with many perks and obstacles in between. But of course, once you reach the very level many rewards await such as better season end rewards and also the rank up the award.

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This article is all about the necessary thing the player needs to follow up to reach the heroic level in the free fire game. There are a set of points maintained to make things easier to grasp. However, the player is required to put in regular efforts to reach a higher level. This level is even considered the ultimate goal of several players. They try multiple times to achieve that and there is no doubt to neglect that. Well, the things that matter is what is mistakes can be avoided in some places which of course lead to these consistent failures. Let’s try to look at each of the points precisely.

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Guide to reach the heroic tier quickly in the free-fire:

#1. Timing

The first one is the timing. As the timing of your rank is responsible for pushing various significant roles available in the process of reaching the higher tier. Most of the time it is been recommended that you start the push in the very first week of the ranked season. In such a time the competition is kind of lesser easier on or during the entire new season. It can be possible that later you can face faience competition. This is mainly because most of the players will be grinding to reach the peak. This is almost tried by every other player like you. But if you are starting a little earlier than that may give you slightly a chance for a minor boost up, when is it been successfully compared to all other players.

#2. Tactics of Playing Game

The second thing is all about the tactics of playing with the same set of players in the team. As to whether it is a battle royal mode or the clash squad mode playing with the same teammates has added on advantage as compared to choosing the set of different players each time you play. Knowing the strength and the gameplay in which your fellow teammates play to build up the coordination and the working together pattern. This is just like playing with all the moves already in the mind. Here the mindset will be providing you to face any enemy just by giving a simple indication to your friend.

#3. Deciding Significant Character

The third thing is always deciding by proper thinking with which character you could relate and play best with. The character must be chosen based on one playing style. For example, if you are a player who mostly plays aggressively then a character like Jai or DJ Alok is the best suit for you. Playing with a good style character enhances one’s chance to reach a higher level in no time. Mostly one should try to bring out the best in himself with the use of character so that can even be a benefit to the teammates too. This will however increase the pace of reaching the heroic tier.

#4. Rush vs Safe

The fourth thing that one must take care of is rush vs the safe. While playing the ranked battle royal mode. Here you must be able to find the difference between rushing in the game while playing safe within the game. Also, you must make sure when to rush into the enemy and when should simply ignore the stuff. Survival during the match is more important the longer you can survive the more your chances of winning the game will increase. This can push the rank further and faster. This may only have arrived with the use of a lot of experience and the more one plays the more once he gets to know the game surrounding. The skills that the players have should be acknowledged and practice more and more and then there are certain chances that the heroic tier will be easily achieved.


All the steps mentioned above can be followed if you want to achieve a heroic tier quickly. I hope the article helps all my readers.          


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