PUBG Official Website Exposes Ban List for Illicit Software Usage

Story Highlights:

Key PointsDetails
Date RangeOctober 2nd, 2023, to October 8th, 2023
Access to Ban ListAvailable on the PUBG official website via provided link
Anonymity MeasuresIn-game pseudonyms of banned accounts with the first three letters replaced with “*”
Reporting ProtocolPlayers urged to initiate in-game reports for unauthorized software usage or misconduct
Account ProtectionRecommendation for users to sign up for the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator for account security
PUBG CommitmentPUBG official website is dedicated to equitable and fair gaming, with a strong anti-cheat stance

In an endeavor to shed light on the malpractice involving illicit software and the repercussions of misconduct, the PUBG official website presents the roster of individuals banned from participation within the dates spanning from 10/2 to 10/8. This compilation serves as an admonition, underscoring the gravity of violating conduct regulations.

Investigative Interval: October 2nd, 2023, to October 8th, 2023 For access to the comprehensive inventory of accounts permanently barred from participation, kindly follow this LINK.

※ The inventory of proscribed participants accompanying this document displays the in-game pseudonyms of the permanently banned accounts. To preserve anonymity, the first three letters of each moniker have been substituted with “*.”

※ In the event of encounters with unauthorized software usage or noncompliant behavior, we urge players to initiate in-game reports as the primary course of action. Additional assistance can be availed by reaching out to the PUBG Support team.

※ In the pursuit of safeguarding your cherished account from potential misuse or permanent bans resulting from unauthorized software use or misconduct, we earnestly recommend enlisting in the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator service.

The PUBG official website holds in high regard your engagement and viewpoints, which contribute substantively to PUBG’s anti-cheating endeavors.

The commitment of the PUBG official website is unwavering, as it strives diligently to deliver an equitable gaming milieu.

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