Police Prioritize Pokémon Go Over Robbery Response

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Story Highlights:

IncidentLAPD officers playing Pokémon Go on duty
Video Source404media following public records requests
Actions ObservedErratic driving, chasing Snorlax and Togetic
Background NoiseRadio calls, including a request for backup at a shopping mall
Date of IncidentApril 2017 when Pokémon Go was relatively new
ConsequenceBoth officers were later fired
Video DurationThree hours in total
Officer DialogueAnimated conversation about Pokémon and the series lore

In a recently uncovered recording, a duo of LAPD officers can be observed neglecting their official police duties to embark on a rather unconventional pursuit – indulging in a game of Pokémon Go while on active duty.

This visual documentation, which surfaced courtesy of 404media, following the pursuit of public records, unveils a marked deviation from the expected professionalism. The police vehicle maneuvers in an erratic fashion as the officers fervently pursue a Snorlax, followed by its evolved form, a Togetic. It is worth noting that this incident transpired in April 2017, a period when Pokémon Go was still a relatively fresh phenomenon, and both Snorlax and Togepi were considered rather elusive. Intriguingly, the officers’ animated discourse regarding their Pokémon conquests unfolds against a backdrop of radio transmissions, including a pressing call for additional law enforcement presence at a local shopping complex, where a robbery was unfolding in real-time. Subsequently, both law enforcement agents were subjected to dismissal from their positions.

Should you desire a glimpse into the aforementioned recording, please be aware that it spans a substantial three-hour duration in total. Within this recording, you will encounter the officers’ enthusiastic dialogue concerning the peculiar Pokémon they were pursuing, alongside a deep dive into the overarching lore that envelopes the Pokémon universe.

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