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It may seem that because there are so many YouTube video uploaders that there no more room for anyone else to make money off of YouTube videos but this is not true.

Internet users watch over 4 billion hours of YouTube videos a month so, the fact that 72 hours of video is being uploaded every minute is irrelevant. Because the YouTube Partner Program is accessible to everyone, with the right content and planning, anyone can make money off of YouTube.

The first thing someone needs to do to make money off of YouTube is to open up a YouTube account. If you have a Gmail account, you can use the same and open up a channel. If you’re looking to make money off YouTube, think very carefully about their username. A person’s username on YouTube tells the viewers all about the video maker’s brand. Once a username is set it can’t be changed so, it has to be something the video maker is completely comfortable using.

Because there is so many videos being uploaded to YouTube all the time it is important to upload videos that have quality content. YouTube recently changed their algorithm to make it so that featured videos have a high amount of watch time and not just page views. That means the videos that people watched the longest will get featured instead of the videos that people click on out of curiosity and leave!

Successful video uploaders carefully outline their content before they upload it. It’s important to understand if the content is a sketch, tutorial or commentary so that by the time filming comes around the video runs smoothly and is highly entertaining. Also be careful about the type of category a video is uploaded too. Making sure a video is uploaded to the proper category will ensure that people truly interested in its content will find it.

It is imperative that when uploading to Youtube the video uploader owns all of the copyrights of their content. Simply said: a video up loader has to own all of the audio, visuals, and any photographs that are mentioned in their video. Any video that features copyrighted content is not eligible to be monetized because you can’t make money off of someone else’s work. If there is content that someone absolutely has to use then permission should be submitted directly to the right holders to use it.

The last step to making money on YouTube is to make sure the schedule for uploading to the channel is consistent. Once people are subscribed to a channel they want to see quality content uploaded on a regular basis or they will forget about the channel altogether. Once the content has been uploaded to the website on a consistent basis it takes patience and promotion to get views for a video. It is unlikely thousands of people will flock to a video over night. Even a quality video needs to be promoted through social media. The average YouTube star takes several years to get famous. Making money on YouTube is not easy however; with a lot of hard work and dedication it can be done!

Two Common Ways of Monetizing YouTube Videos

  1. The most commonly used monetization scheme on YouTube is Adsense which is integrated within YouTube. All you have to do is apply as a YouTube partner from within your account.
  2. Another way people make money on YouTube is by promoting offers on their YouTube videos which could be their own product, CPA/CPL (cost per action or lead) offers, or affiliate products.
  3. Combination of the two. The best way people use YouTube to earn money is by combining these two schemes. Focusing your videos on a niche that you know and love and constantly uploading videos after videos can turn your YouTube gig into a full time business.

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