Patch Notes in Minecraft Snapshot 23w46a

The New Era of Minecraft Java Edition – Snapshot 23w46a

Hey Minecraft fans! On November 16, 2023, the Minecraft world got a little more exciting with the latest Java Edition snapshot – 23w46a. We’re still a few months away from the big Minecraft 1.21 release, so Mojang’s dropping these snapshots like breadcrumbs leading us to the main event.

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What’s New and Exciting?

The talk of the town is the massive revamp in the in-game scoreboard command. It’s like Mojang is giving us a new toy to play with in our Minecraft sandbox. But wait, there’s more – a bunch of bug fixes that might seem small but are huge for some players.

Table: Key Updates in Snapshot 23w46a

Feature UpdateDescription
Scoreboard CustomizationUnique names for each scoreboard entry.
Display Names SubcommandSet or remove display names easily.
Scoreboard Objective ModificationAuto-updating of display names with score changes.
Numerical Input FormattingScoreboard numbers now look prettier.
Error Message FixNo more weird error when kicking yourself out.
Narrator Hotkey CorrectionNarrator now knows the right MacOS hotkey.
Crafter Block CooldownA new one-tick in-game cooldown added.
Copper Grate Brick FixThese bricks can now get wet.
Camera StabilityNo more shaking when viewing damage-capable creatures.
Crafter Block to Bookshelf ConversionNo stacking issues anymore.
Experimental Features and CraftingNo recipes for new blocks if you disable Experimental Features.
Tuff Block Color SchemeTuff blocks now blend better with the environment.
Breeze Mob and Monster HunterBreeze mobs now count towards your Monster Hunter achievements.
Inventory OrganizationBreeze spawn eggs are now in the right spot in Creative Mode.
Copper Bulbs BehaviorUpdated to remove the one-tick delay.
Breeze’s Wind Charge AttackHitboxes rearranged for better gameplay.
Lever Interaction with Wind ChargesWind charges from a breeze now correctly interact with levers.
Lava Pool and Trial Spawner Block FixNo more accidental lava pools or weird features in place of trial spawner blocks.

The Bugs Squashed in This Update

These tweaks may not seem flashy, but for the keen-eyed Minecrafters, they are game-changers. From fixing that annoying camera tremble to ensuring Tuff blocks look just right, Mojang’s attention to detail is something to admire.

How These Changes Affect You

For those of you who’ve been experimenting with craftsman blocks and copper bulbs in previous snapshots, it’s time to recalibrate. The changes, especially in the crafter block and copper bulbs, could mix up your gameplay a bit.

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