Optic Gaming Set To Host Call Of Duty

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled weekend as Optic Gaming gears up to host the most epic Call of Duty Warzone tournament to date! Starting on December 11 and concluding on December 13, 2023, this event promises thrilling clashes among Warzone pros, with a whopping prize pool and some exciting new twists.

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IntroductionOptic Gaming is set to host a colossal Call of Duty Warzone tournament from Dec 11-13, 2023, with an impressive $200K prize pool.
Event ScheduleDay 1 features the SOLO DOLO showdown with unique gameplay twists, followed by a Trios Battle on Day 2 for the grand prize.
SOLO DOLO GuidelinesThe first four SOLO DOLO games have Riot Shield restrictions, with the final game allowing any strategy. Proximity Chat is essential for communication.
Where to WatchViewers can catch all the thrilling action on Call of Duty’s official Twitch channel on the designated dates.

Event Schedule

Day 1 – December 11: SOLO DOLO Showdown

  • Format: Solo battle royale mode on Urzikstan.
  • Prize Pool: $20,000 for each winner.
  • Number of Drops: Five drops during the competition.

Day 2 – December 13: Trios Battle to the Top

  • Format: Trios event aiming for the match point; winning a game secures first place.
  • Prize Pool: An impressive $200,000 up for grabs.

SOLO DOLO Guidelines

Prepare for an intense solo battle on the first day with some unique twists:

  1. Restrictions: In the first four games, players are limited to using Riot Shields in an otherwise standard battle royale setup.
  2. Final Game Chaos: The fifth and final game throws all the rules out the window. Team up, betray, kill – anything goes to claim victory.
  3. Communication: Proximity Chat must be enabled for in-game communication, ensuring no one stays silent during the decisive game.

Where to Watch

Catch all the heart-pounding action on Call of Duty’s official Twitch channel. Tune in on the designated dates to witness the pros battle it out for glory.

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Optic Gaming Warzone Tournament FAQs

1. What is the Optic Gaming Warzone Tournament?

The Optic Gaming Warzone Tournament is a high-stakes Call of Duty event featuring professional players competing in solo and trios formats. With a substantial prize pool and innovative gameplay, it promises an unparalleled gaming experience.

2. When does the tournament take place?

The tournament kicks off on December 11, 2023, with the SOLO DOLO competition, followed by the Trios event on December 13, 2023.

3. What is the prize money for the tournament?

The overall prize pool for the tournament is an impressive $200,000. The SOLO DOLO competition on Day 1 features a $20,000 prize pool for each winner.

4. Can you provide more details about the SOLO DOLO competition?

Certainly! The SOLO DOLO competition takes place on Day 1, where players engage in solo battle royale mode on Urzikstan. The first four games have the unique twist of limiting players to using Riot Shields, while the final game has no rules, allowing for intense and unpredictable gameplay.

5. Where can I watch the Optic Gaming Warzone Tournament?

You can catch all the action on Call of Duty’s official Twitch channel. Make sure to tune in on the designated dates to witness the excitement unfold.

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