Myths in PUBG Mobile Update 2.8

The allure of PUBG Mobile has only grown with the Zombie’s Edge update in its 2.8 version, introducing an array of myths alongside exhilarating new features. This has sparked discussions and myth-busting attempts among the player community. Let’s dive into some of these myths and see what makes them a topic of intrigue.

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Update 2.8: A New Horizon in PUBG Mobile

The Zombie’s Edge update in PUBG Mobile 2.8 has brought along significant changes and exciting features, creating a fresh battleground experience​. With new locations, items, and weapon adjustments, mastering the updated gameplay is crucial for success, especially when facing the zombie hordes in the thrilling Zombie’s Edge mode​​. The 2.8 update hasn’t just stopped at PUBG Mobile but extended its excitement to BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) as well, introducing a similar Zombies Edge mode, enriching the gameplay with fresh experiences and challenges​.

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Diving Into Myths

The Zombie’s Edge update has given birth to various myths. Some of these are:

1. Hoverboard Myth

In solo mode, you can stop a car with a hoverboard without any health loss, providing an advantage to halt an enemy and take a shot. However, this trick is not recommended in duo or squad modes as the enemies’ teammates can easily shoot you down before making a successful clutch​

2. Grenade Myth

Contrary to the belief that grenades won’t harm teammates, they indeed can, especially when thrown near an opponent. This myth-bust emphasizes the importance of cautious grenade usage around allies​3​.

3. Vehicle Myth

The new Ally gameplay system prevents shooting and damaging a vehicle when a teammate is aboard, although tire bursting is still possible. This feature is a boon when teaming up with random players, reducing the chances of friendly killing by vehicle explosion​

4. Coupe RB Flying Tip

Tossing a grenade under a Coupe RB car can launch it into the air, creating a spectacle and a tactic to surprise enemies​

5. Dagger Vs. Pan Damage

The dagger, a new melee weapon, inflicts more damage per hit compared to the pan, making it a preferable choice in early game melee combat​

6. Mutation Blade Movement

Utilizing the Mutation Blade can launch your character into the air for a short flight, a cool trick to pause the flight and make strategic landings among opponents​

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you stop a car with a hoverboard in PUBG Mobile 2.8 without losing health?

    Yes, in solo mode, it's possible to halt a car with a hoverboard without health loss, allowing for a tactical advantage against an enemy.

  2. Is it true that grenades won’t harm teammates in the new update?

    No, grenades can indeed harm teammates, especially when thrown near opponents, debunking a common myth.

  3. Can vehicles be damaged when a teammate is aboard in Update 2.8?

    Vehicles cannot be damaged with a teammate aboard due to the new Ally gameplay system, although tire bursting remains possible.

  4. Can a Coupe RB car be launched into the air using a grenade?

    Yes, tossing a grenade under a Coupe RB car can launch it into the air, surprising enemies.

  5. Does the new dagger inflict more damage compared to the pan in PUBG Mobile 2.8?

    Yes, the dagger inflicts more damage per hit compared to the pan, making it a preferable choice in early game melee combat.

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