M416 vs AUG in PUBG 2.8 Update

M416 vs AUG in PUBG 2.8 Update

M416 vs AUG in PUBG 2.8 Update: The Ultimate Showdown

Hey there, PUBG enthusiasts! Ever been in a pickle trying to choose between the M416 and the AUG? With the 2.8 update, things have shaken up a bit. Let’s dive deep into this comparison and see which gun reigns supreme!

Rate of FireSlower22% Faster
DPS (Damage Per Second)426520
Recoil ControlStandardBetter (20% less horizontal recoil)
Reloading SpeedFaster (by 1 second)Slower
Bullet Velocity880 meters per second900 meters per second
PopularityHighly popular (82% preference)Less popular

The Big Change: AUG’s New Status

First off, the AUG has been removed from the airdrop and is now a world spawn weapon. This means it’s undergone some changes, and spoiler alert: it’s not as powerful as it used to be. But is it still better than the M416? Let’s find out!

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Damage Comparison

Surprisingly, both guns now have the same damage output. The AUG used to boast a base damage of 43, but post-update, it’s been reduced to 41, aligning it with the M416. So, in the damage department, it’s a tie!

Rate of Fire: Who’s Faster?

Rate of fire is crucial, right? When we put the M4 and AUG side by side, the AUG clearly shoots faster. In fact, it’s about 22% faster than the M416. This gives the AUG a significant edge in terms of firing speed.

DPS (Damage Per Second)

DPS tells us the damage potential in a single second. The M416 offers a DPS of 426, while the AUG, thanks to its faster firing speed, delivers a whopping 520 DPS. Another win for the AUG!

Weapon Handling and Recoil

Recoil control is a game-changer. The AUG, being an airdrop weapon, was known for its superior recoil. But with its new status, has that changed? The AUG did face a recoil nerf, but when compared to the M416, it still has 20% less horizontal recoil and just a 3% increase in vertical recoil. This means the AUG still offers better recoil control than the M416.

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Reloading Speed and Bullet Velocity

Finally, the M416 gets a win! It reloads a whole second faster than the AUG, which can be crucial in close combat. However, the AUG still has a higher bullet velocity, even after its nerf, making it slightly more effective at range.

The Final Verdict

While both guns have their strengths, the AUG seems to have an edge in most categories. But here’s the thing: the M416 is iconic. It’s loved by many, and its popularity isn’t fading anytime soon. Even in a poll I conducted, 82% of participants chose the M416 over the AUG. Maybe it’s the glacier skin, or perhaps it’s just the familiarity. But if you do stumble upon an AUG in the game, give it a shot (pun intended)!

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