Modern Warfare 3 Sale Details

Hey fellow gamers! If you’ve been itching to dive into the action-packed world of Modern Warfare 3, Activision has a treat in store for you. The Modern Warfare 3 sale is now in full swing across all platforms, and it’s a deal you don’t want to miss.

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IntroductionActivision brings a gaming delight with the ongoing Modern Warfare 3 sale, offering exclusive discounts on both Standard and Vault Editions.
Ongoing Sale DetailsReleased on November 10, 2023, MW3 is available with a 20% discount on the Vault Edition and an enticing 30% off on the Standard Edition for all platforms.
Pricing BreakdownStandard Edition is now at $48.99, covering Soap Operator Pack and digital game. Vault Edition, priced at $79.99, includes bonus material like 2 weapon vaults.
How to Get the DiscountPC players can log in to, while console enthusiasts can make their purchases on the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store for discounted rates.
Unwrapping Christmas CheerSpeculations arise about Activision strategically pricing MW3 to attract a wider audience, potentially addressing initial lukewarm reactions from gamers.

Seize the Moment: Ongoing Sale

Freshly released on November 10, 2023, Modern Warfare 3 is already up for grabs at a discounted rate. Whether you’re a console or PC player, the sale covers all bases, offering a 20% discount on the Vault Edition and an even more enticing 30% off on the Standard Edition.

Unlocking Modern Warfare 3 at a Steal

Modern Warfare 3 Sale Overview

Let’s break down the pricing for the gaming extravaganza:

EditionOriginal PriceSale PriceInclusionsAvailability Until
Standard Edition$69.99$48.99Soap Operator Pack, digital game, compatible with all platformsLimited Time
Vault Edition$99.99$79.99Soap Operator Pack, Nemesis Operator Pack, 2 weapon vaults, Blackcell Battle Pass, 30 tier skips, digital gameUntil Early January 2024

Securing the Deal: How to Get the Discount

Wondering how to snag these awesome discounts? Here’s the lowdown based on your gaming platform:

For PC Players (

  1. Log in to the official website.
  2. Navigate to the Call of Duty tab and select MW3.
  3. Click ‘Purchase,’ and voila! The discount should be applied automatically.

For Console Enthusiasts:

  • PlayStation Users: Head to the PlayStation Store.
  • Xbox Devotees: Visit the Xbox Store.

Select Modern Warfare 3, make your purchase, and relish the discounted thrill!

Unwrapping the Christmas Cheer

While some might see this as a festive deal, others speculate that Activision is strategically pricing Modern Warfare 3 to cast a wider net. Let’s not forget the lukewarm reception the game initially received from the Call of Duty community. This sale could be their way of inviting gamers to give it another shot.

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FAQs: Unraveling Modern Warfare 3 Sale Mysteries

  1. Q1: When was Modern Warfare 3 released?

    A1: Modern Warfare 3 was released on November 10, 2023.

  2. Q2: What’s included in the Standard Edition?

    A2: The Standard Edition, priced at $48.99, includes the Soap Operator Pack, the digital game, and is compatible with all platforms.

  3. Q3: What bonus material comes with the Vault Edition?

    A3: The Vault Edition, priced at $79.99, includes the Soap Operator Pack, Nemesis Operator Pack, 2 weapon vaults, Blackcell Battle Pass, 30 tier skips, and the digital game.

  4. Q4: When does the sale end?

    A4: The sale is scheduled to conclude in early January 2024.

  5. Q5: How do I get the discount on PC?

    A5: PC players can log in to, navigate to the Call of Duty tab, select MW3, click ‘Purchase,’ and the discount will be applied automatically.

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