Get Burger King Operator Skin in Modern Warfare 3

Get Burger King Operator Skin in Modern Warfare 3

Hey gamers, guess what? Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) is teaming up with Burger King for a cool crossover! Activision’s history of unique collabs, especially with fast food chains, is bringing us an exclusive operator skin that’s got everyone talking. If you’re looking to get your hands on this Burger King operator skin in MW3, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into how you can snag this special gear.

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IntroductionPartnership between Activision and Burger King for a unique operator skin in Modern Warfare 3.
Steps to Unlock the Skin1. Make a $15 order at Burger King. <br>2. Use the code “CALLOFDUTY” at checkout. <br>3. Redeem the received code on the Call of Duty website.
Purchase PhasesTwo separate purchases of $15 each are needed to claim all rewards.
Total CostApproximately $30 for all rewards.
Rewards from the Promotion1. Calling Card (1st purchase). <br>2. 1-hour Double XP Token (1st & 2nd purchase). <br>3. Emblem (1st purchase). <br>4. Burger Town Operator Skin (2nd purchase).
Redeeming and AvailabilityItems appear in your account after redemption; available once the servers are live globally.
Potential DelaysRewards may take time to show up due to high server traffic on launch day.

Steps to Unlock the Burger King Skin in MW3

Making the Purchase

  1. Place an Order: Start by placing an order of at least $15 through Burger King. Yeah, you heard that right, a tasty meal and a cool skin!
  2. Use the Promo Code: Don’t forget to enter “CALLOFDUTY” when checking out. This code is your ticket to the goodies.
  3. Receive Your Code: After completing the purchase, you’ll get a code. Keep it handy because you’ll need it next.

Redeeming the Skin

  1. Visit the Official Site: Head over to the official Call of Duty website with your code.
  2. Enter Your Code: Here’s where you redeem your hard-earned rewards. Just enter the code, and voilà!

A Two-Phase Affair

Remember, the rewards come in two different phases:

  • Phase 1: You’ll need to make one $15 purchase.
  • Phase 2: A second $15 purchase is required to get the full set of rewards.

Total Cost

To grab all the perks, you’re looking at spending around $30 in total. A bit steep, but for the die-hard fans, totally worth it.

What’s in the Burger King x MW3 Loot?

Goodies Galore

Here’s what you can expect from this tasty collaboration:

  1. First Purchase:
    • Calling Card
    • 1-hour Double XP Token
    • Emblem
  2. Second Purchase:
    • Burger Town Operator Skin
    • Another 1-hour Double XP Token


Once you redeem your codes, all items should pop up in your account. They’ll be available as soon as the devs launch the official servers worldwide.

Possible Delays

Keep in mind, if there’s high server traffic on launch day (which is pretty likely), it might take a bit of time for your rewards to show up.

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