Mobile Money Code Review The Obvious Truth Revealed!

Yesterday, another SHINY “object” has been released in the internet marketing niche. Something that I wasn’t aware of ’till I got an email from Peng Joon promoting the product. You may also have received a similar email, mine read:

Subject: “$1,692 a day every day using your cell phone [LIVE TRAINING]”


“If you haven’t seen this video yet, what’s wrong with you? It shows you how YOU can start to profit $1,692 a day and do it for over 922 days in a row! And it’s done WITHOUT traffic. =>LINK HERE.

Best of all? There is LIVE proof and with 81,332 Likes on Facebook, this
is the real deal.

Check it out now if you haven’t.

=>LINK HERE. Don’t miss out on this goldmine


Okay, I clicked on the link to watch the video and watched attentively how this guy, Greg Anderson? makes four figures a day using his cellphone using a push button method!

  • Sports Cars? Check!
  • Clickbank Income Proof? Check!
  • Million Dollar House? Check!
  • “Real” Testimonials”? Check!
  • Wife and Kids? Check!
  • Retired Early? Check!

Greg who?

The “Greg Anderson” who’s been on various leaderboards for years and a Clickbank top affiliate. Uhmm… it doesn’t ring a bell so I Googled “Greg Anderson” and found no one that looks like the old guy in the video.

So, who the heck is this Greg Anderson? Is he a real person who stumbled on a “mobile money code” that generates a daily profit 5 times the average monthly earnings of most people or is he an “actor” paid to play the role of the millionaire named, Greg Anderson? Well, maybe he’s Ronnie M.

Let me ask you, did you see anything wrong with the video?

So did I…

For one, there’s no such thing as push button money making system. Online business is, a real business and you can’t set up an entire business system with a few clicks and earn $400 in the first hour you implemented Greg’s mobile money code.

Another thing is, Greg, his wife, kids and the rest of the people on the video are obviously acting. It just doesn’t seem natural at all.

Does it seem natural to you? You be the judge!

It’s an “automatic system” and you don’t have to do the leg work, heck even dummies can earn $1000 a day the moment they plug in the mobile money code. Yes, simply push some buttons in less than thirty minutes, sit down and just chill, check your affiliate account in an hour and see the profits role in! This is what the video makes you believe. An easy push button system that requires no work. An awesome offer for 90% of the people trying to make money from home.

$228.66 In Less Than An Hour

Sandy earned $228.66 in less than an hour the moment she plug-ins the Mobile Money Code! A school teacher who’s a dummy when it comes to making money online can miraculously make $228.66 on her cellphone by simply clicking some buttons in a few minutes… and, wala… $228.66 in commissions in only a few minutes!

Mobile Money Code Scam


Why I think the Mobile Money Code is a Scam…

Well, for obvious reasons, any newbie internet marketer can tell that the promotional video isn’t genuine, Greg and the rest of the gang are obviously acting and it just doesn’t look natural. The Millionaire persona is named Greg Anderson who’s virtually unheard of but they crafted the video in such a way that it’s too convincing you won’t even be checking the person’s background and if that person even exist.

While it’s true that there’s money to be made on Mobile marketing it is nowhere the amounts Greg flashes throughout the video.

If you think this offer is too good to be true, then save your $49 and invest it somewhere more worthwhile.

Inside Mobile Money Code

If you’re wondering what this product is all about… here’s what it is:

Drumroll please!

It’s nothing but a mobile website builder which is far from whatever it is that Greg’s testimonials portray. With this software, you can easily build mobile websites and sell it to local business owners so their website is accessible on mobile devices. Other than that, I don’t find any real value from it that you could give local business owners worthy or hundreds of dollars every hour.

First, you will have to find clients who are interested to have a mobile site, build a mobile site then sell it. With this in mind, figure how you could produce the average results shown in the video.

Here’s the grim reality – you won’t make money in two hours after implementing this “system”. You can make money off it if you find enough small business owners who are willing to buy a mobile site but the problem is, most business owners no longer find value in having a website for their businesses because 90% of the websites out there are just sitting on webspace collecting dust, what could a mobile site that doesn’t drive traffic on it’s own do? It’s nothing more than what they already have, a mobile version of their online catalogue that no one ever visits.

If you’re new to online marketing, here’s the real deal. An online marketing business virtually the same animal in another skin, compared to traditional businesses. It takes creativity, a little hard work, a lot of learning, trial and errors, and a little money.

Stop looking for opportunities to make a quick buck, rather focus on building a long term business that you can grow -step 1 is self education. Investing in one’s self is the best place you can start off with.

If you’re looking for a solid information that will help you build the foundation of your online business. SiteBuildit! so far offers the best online marketing course you can find. It’s an online business course and a website building platform in one.

I’m a product of this course and I’ve learned so much. A lot of people would compare it with WordPress as the website building platform isn’t as robust when it comes to ease of use, extensibility and look and feel – but it has one distinct advantage over WordPress. It comes with step by step video tutorials  on keyword research, writing, a guide on choosing a niche, methods of attracting traffic, giving value to the web and your website visitors, and monetizing your site.

A lot of what SBI! teaches has to do with building traffic from scratch but if you have the budget, you can always pay for traffic but then again, it’s another skill that needs mastered so as not to get burned and end on the red.

After you learn everything, you can always move to WordPress with the knowledge to grow a purely homebased online business from scratch.

Learning online business with SBI, won’t get you rich overnight but if you keep at it, it will build a good source of passive income in the long run. The extra income you’ll learn from adsense in the first year will convince you that online marketing does work and from there, you can grow that into a full time income for years to come.


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