Ludo King Tips And Tricks to Win

Ludo King Tips and Tricks

Ludo King is a very popular, unpredictable and hard-to-hack Android game. But you can always get a higher number of dices, such as 4, 5 or 6, with tricks. The game has two secure areas and an unsafe area.

Ludo King Game  Features

  • Very clean and easy to use user interface
  • Different Modes of Game:
  • Leader board Chat
  • Statistics of Player
  • Profile of Game/Career Build
  • Get money
  • Choices for Colour
  • It supports all devices such as desktop, android & ios

Ludo King is a popular lockdown game for COVID-19. Many people also started to play the game with their families, partners and celebrities and post pictures on their handles in social media. The game is very easy and during our childhood most of us have played it a lot.

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The app is available on your desktop, iOS and Android. As a desktop player who works with a PPT, you can play food on your smartphone with someone who is in the kitchen. Since it supports offline mode your family can also collect and play a quick Ludo game after dinner without the stress of finding that one part of your board game is missing.

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Given below are the tips and tricks to win the Ludo King:

Collect all the free coins you can receive every day

Most of us don’t like to spend money on apps. In view of the economic slowdown, most of us would not want to spend our hard-earned cash on the currency in question. Every coin in the game which you can get free of charge will allow you to play for a longer period of time and help you stay connected to your nearest ones.

Fun Playing? Small Play

Most of us have been locked into our homes during the ongoing pandemic, so playing games like Ludo King is just a time to keep in touch with close friends and families. So making an offer of 5,000 coins per player is not a smart decision. However, because of this, you could win a game, make the other person inside the game bankrupt, which might not allow them in the next round. So play it cleverly and play 50 to 100 coins to allow the time of fun and connection to continue.

It should be your goal to get all parts free

If you concentrate on playing the game one piece at a time, you risk cutting the piece in a way that you could be around the corner of your home street. That pains a lot, trust me that every time it happens, I throw a tangle. The best tip I can give you here is to take every piece out and slowly and equally spread it all out to develop a winning.

Spread all over the board your pieces.

Spreading all of our parts all over the board will give you a tactical advantage in this lucky game. Since you can move a piece without any other piece to cut it. While keeping other pieces strategically positioned, wait for any pieces that come ahead of you to take their place.

Change the game from time to time

Playing Ludo all the time becomes monotonous and can lead you away from the app. The app developers were already thinking about it and integrated two additional games into the app. The first is a game we’ve seen since ages combined with Ludo boards, which is Snakes and Ladders. The other game is, however, a pure game of luck, known as Lucky 7. Each time you get bored, just change over and play for a while one of the other games.

Other ways to Win The Ludo King Game:

  • Use your time to think and take the best possible move. Follow this strategy always thinking, rethinking and playing. Practice makes man more perfect and you will play more and know more about other possibilities.
  • Open all your parts as soon as you’re lucky.
  • Don’t always run only one part, invest your numbers on all other parts too
  • Always try to remember the number that can take you to the best place or safe place or the number that can kill the opponent.
  • Kill the adversaries as much as possible. This can increase your chances of winning.
  • Keep the part in a safe place and only move it if you get a larger number, so you won’t be killed. Invest smaller numbers in pieces that are already safe or run out of the house at the beginning.
  • If you have a dilemma between the victory and the killing of the opponent, you have to win. Kill the adversary if the number is too small, one or two, so you can play again.
  • If you have a number which does not serve any of your pieces, move the piece closest to the point of departure.
  • If your defeat is inevitable, simply turn off or wireless mobile data and all coins will be restored. You’re not going to lose any coins.
  • The more logically you move your pieces, the more you can prevent an opponent from killing your pieces.

These tricks can certainly boost your gaming experience and can dramatically boost your chances of winning.


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