List of Top 10 Forums to get Referral Traffic

Do you really need to really utilize the Top 10 forums Platforms at once over Internet? Why do you need to post your questions and answers on these Top 10 Forums list? Does Forums still have relevance after recent Google algorithms and updates?

Let us find out.

So, first of all question. Why do you need a forum?

If you are a serious blogger (whether a pro or part time) than forum plays an important part in your blogging life as:

You already know that you need to sign up, and then just add a signature with the back link pointing to your blog.

And at last you would post there occasionally to get back links. Right?

The last part should be a little different. You should at least post 3 posts (if you would use the top 10 forums at one time else you can post 10 posts on only one forum) there every day with your signature if you want to get any forum benefits.


Because Forum back links are of no use if you don’t build them daily and if you would build them daily. Well, then you would see the difference yourself, a big difference.

You can get referral traffic.

Everybody wants traffic.

No Traffic, No money (but that doesn’t means that more traffic means more money we would take this topic in account in one of my upcoming posts).

When you would add a signature to your posts and if you have created the thread and if it is getting viral (so many conditions).

Than only you can get an handsome amount of traffic from it else its of no use to drive traffic towards your blog.

You can get the ideas which will almost double your existing traffic.

Now, you must be thinking that how your traffic would get doubled from only one idea. Right? But the thing is this one idea would be better than hundreds.

As it is what currently hot, it is what people are searching for and if you would provide a solution than you can easily get Google traffic with only ….. you know what.

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Why this List is the best?

As I have tried every site here and I have got a lot of benefit from them. So, I wanted to share my benefits with you.

So, now you have known all the benefits of forums, let’s come to the main thing.

List of Sites for Submission:


List of Top 10 Forums

Name of the ForumGoogle PageRankAlexa Rank
SEO Chat54225


And at last, why should you use Top 10 Forums at once (because you would never use the unwanted)?

Because to get blogging success fast you need to be everywhere.

So, you need to be in the forums too and if you would get to all of these top 10 forums than you would achieve a lot in less time.

Woah! The list is over, now it’s your turn to add some more value to this top 10 forums list by commenting below. Don’t SPAM.

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