Why Interlinking of Blog Posts should not only be done For SEO Purpose

Interlinking your blog posts is one of the best methods to increase web page views and help your readers in easy navigation of your blog. Interlinking your blog posts not only help to get better traffic and better ranking in search results, but its one of the best way to optimize your blog for search results. Interlinking your blog posts help Google to crawl your blog post easily and increase your search rankings. A single article can help your readers to navigate to hundreds of other articles in your blog.

One of the main reasons why you should interlink your blog posts is to help google crawl your blog easily and increase your search rankings. Another reason is to make the navigation of your blog easier for your readers to surf your blog.

As i said above, interlinking your blog posts will help you increase page views of your blog and get more out of even less traffic.This is one of the main reason why interlinking your blog posts should not be done for SEO only.

Why Interlinking Your Blog Post Should Not Be Done For SEO Only?

Well, these are some reasons why interlinking your blog posts should not be done for SEO only.

  • Easier navigation 
  • Find useful content in your blog easily.
  • Increase page views
  • More out of less traffic
  • If your readers found your blog’s content useful, they may even subscribe to your updates

Another reason that effect with interlinking your blog post is bounce rate of your blog. The lesser is your blog’s bounce rate, the more your content is useful and you will get more readers for your blog. As i previously said, interlinking your blog posts help to increase page views in your blog. The more page views your blog gets, the lesser will be the bounce rate. This way interlinking your blog posts helps to reduce bounce rate.

How To Start Interlinking Your Blog Posts ?

Although there are many ways to start interlinking your blog posts. Here i am going to share some easy tips to start interlinking your blog posts and get benefits.

  • If you are using wordpress as blogging platform, you can use various wordpress plugins to start interlinking your blog posts. These plugins help to make breadcrumbs in your blog posts which helps in interlinking your blog posts and increase page views.
  • Or another you can use is plugin like SEO Smart links plugin. Well, this plugin is actually very smart and works perfectly.You won’t have to do anything with this plugin. Just upload and install. If you want any keyword to redirect to any external URL, you can also do it easily with this plugin. SEO smart link plugin is one of the best plugin in interlinking your blog posts. 

Well, these are some simple steps which can help you in interlinking your blog posts. And one suggestion also. DON’T OVERDO IT. If you started interlinking your blog posts to large extent, your blog can be penalized and there are chances for you to give up. The traffic to your blog from search engines will reduce to big extent if you try to overdo interlinking your blog posts. Just be in form and start interlinking your blog posts upto 3 or 4 keywords in any post.

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These are some reasons why interlinking your blog posts should not be done for SEO only. If you want to share some another reasons regarding interlinking your blog posts, share with us in comments.

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