How to write GUEST POST for SEO

Guest post is a seo-offpage technique in which we ask other blogger to publish our well written and unique articles on their blog with a backlink to our money making website. We send frequent emails to different bloggers to publish our articles and if they agreed than we send them articles containing backlink to our business website. In order to successfully implement the guest posting strategies, you need to find out the list of guest blogging sites and send them e-mail containing the information of your article.

Guest Posting is one of the proven ways in SEO to drive traffic and visitor to your blog or webstie. But most of the bloggers today don’t know as how to write guest post for seo?. It is vital for every blogger to know as how to write guest post and also adopt guest post best practices to get the desired results. Guest posting strategy or Guest posting techniques are very important to know to drive traffic to your website. Keeping in mind all the guest post best practices, we are here explaining you the top 5 Guest posting techniques that every blogger should consider while creating guest post for seo purpose.  As there are lots of benefits of guest posting, webmasters all over the world using guest posting strategies to bring the desired rankings in search engines. 

As you already might aware of the fact that Guest posting is the new way of doing SEO now, if you are not writing at least once in a week you will not be able to grow fast.


Before we go through the discussion that how to write a blog post for your SEO, lets first cover up the several benefits of guest posting in SEO as follows:

  1. It helps you reach a bigger and unique audience so you can create new
    contacts and which will ultimately led to the increase in growth of your
  2. It gives you at least 1 powerful back link and a lot of visitors coming to your
    BLOG through it depending on the hits the site receive.
  3. It improves your relationship with the owner of the site where you are
    guest posting.

Well, like I said above we would cover this thing some other day in some
other post. So, now let’s come to the main and the most important thing.

Top 5 Guest Posting Strategies (Best Practices)

#1. How to write your GUEST POST? (First Step)

First of all, let me make it clear that for writing your first guest post
you must have already found a popular blog in your niche that accepts guest post,
if not find it now through any of the two way below:

#2. How to find a popular blog that accepts Guest Post in any niche? (Second Step)

  • Google your niche with the keyword Guest Post or write for us.
  • Ask someone to provide you the link to a blog who accepts Guest Post.

Now you have successfully found a blog where you can guest post, its high time to read my tips and follow them.

#3. Research Audience/Readers of the blog – Know Their Need? (Third Step)

This is the most important yet skipped by most of the bloggers. You should first know what the readers of his/her blog needs and then should think about writing.

How to find the need of the readers?

  1. Head over to his/her comment section of posts and see if you have got a problem to solve in your guest post.
  2. See the last 5 posts of his/her blog and find a topic completely related to it.

#4. Start Writing Your Guest Post – Fulfill their Need? (Fourth Step)

Now, you have got the idea, start writing.

But do take some breaks in between and after writing the whole post take some time to edit the title to make it attention grabbing and eye catching.

#5. Send the Guest Post – Decision Time (Fifth Step)

Most of the blogs today accepts guest posts through e-mail so, send it or in some you can register and submit for the review so submit it.

One thing would happen to your guest post from the two below:

Either it would be


If your guest post is accepted, promote the post as much as you can by sharing it on all of your social networks, link to it through your blog so your readers should also be able to read it and the best part, do reply to the comments on the post which may need a reply or reply to all of them. Whatever your heart says.

If you got rejected, see what should be improved in the post and improve it and then resubmit it or publish it on your own blog.

I thought that you would apply the above mention guest posting strategy whie doing guest blogging. Follow the top guest blogging strategies as mentioned above and you will get 100% results in delivering success to your digital marketing campaigns.

Happy Guest Blogging!!

Still not sure what is guest post and how it helps in SEO than join SEO training in Delhi or SEO Course in Delhi.

Now it’s your turn to share some guest blogging tips for the newbie which they could use in their first guest post.

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