How to top-up PUBG Mobile Lite Battle Coins

Several interesting things can be known about the PUBG Mobile Lite Free BC coins in 2021. These facts are important for the PUBG players as they can make use of these to save both times as well efforts been put in earning of these coins but still end with minimum numbers. This is of sure a waste of time. The game of PUBG is very popular worldwide as millions of players invest their precious time in becoming well-known player of PUBG. As we all already know that this is a multiplayer battle royal game in which the players land upon the ground of an unknown island and then the real fight of survival begins of survival. In last the one who can stand is declared as the winner. The plot mainly sounds quite simple but in reality, it’s not because within the game there is one to one combat, search for resources and weapon, hiding from enemy and much more. One of the most popular topics struck with the PUBG game is about the PUBG Mobile Lite Free BC Coins and the simple ways in which they can be achieved. Here BC refers to battle coins which are the currency used in the PUBG mobile lite version.

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This version is a toned-down version of the PUBG Lite. In the game, the battle coins are mainly used to purchase the in-game things such as several distinctive skins, costumes and other exciting feature associated with the game along with that you can even hold up the winner’s pass. Meanwhile buying a battle coin in the PUBG Mobile lite is not simply that can achieve by everyone as many players linked to this very game does not prefer to spend real money on buying the fake money. As the PUBG game is free the developers mainly use the microtransaction concept to generate the associated revenue. As of you want to achieve the PUBG lite BC coins then you are just required to complete the daily missions and also play the regular events been arranged from time. But this thing does not stop the players to look for an easy such as the penny generate that can be used within the game. As the BC controls every possible transaction that takes place within the game. This has a reason that if you want to buy any cosmetic within the game then there is a requirement of the BC. This all trouble is mainly due to the fact the many of us just do not prefer to convert their real money into the digital currency that can be used within the game. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the steps that one can use to obtain BC for free.

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Ways to get PUBG Mobile Lite Free Battle coin:

The game of PUBG Mobile lite is more like an exceptional game but it’s just like the regular game as in here there are similar encounters seen from time to time. It can be a ton well specific. At the PUBG we use the UC- Unknown cash to purchase the in-game things but here there is the use of BC- Battle coins. These kinds of stuff consist of various premium products like the skins, royale pass, premium cartoon and other best stuff for use. Virtual cash has great use and is achieved within the game. The alternative methods that are highly preferred are:

  1. The first method popularly in use is the CashNGift android app. This app is a recharge card platform that provides several vouchers and rewards. You are just required to do simple things via this app such as mobile recharge, bill payments, TV recharge, shopping etc. After doing so you earn rewards in various forms.
  2. The second method that can be used is just by seeing the ads that come in between when you use the PUBG application. As per my knowledge, many just prefer to skip them as those are kind of irritating when you are doing something important but in such a case, there is a great deal in there too as just by seeing one Ad you may end up achieving several Battle coins.  
  3. he third method that is used up a lot of known players is Google option awards. As the google option award is a reward-based program that it been developed by Google. It was initially launched as a survey-based app for both androids as well as iOS devices. People can simply make their account in here and then start taking surveys, quizzes and many other things by which you may end up earning some great rewards.
  4. The fourth method to earn great rewards is by using the platform. Here you can take up several surveys as well as watch videos that can give you great rewards. Also, the platform is very easy to be used.
  5. The fifth method is used extensively by most of the players as in here you can ask your friends you have achieved a great level in the PUBG Lite to give you some coins as a gift or something else.


I hope all the steps mentioned above will be useful to all my readers.

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