How to Setup PUBG on Low Ram Devices

Hello, all of you, Do you face delayed problems when playing PUBG mobile on your low ram device? So are you looking for how you can operate PUBG mobile device without lag in a smooth manner? Then we must say that you are in the right post. In this guide today, we’ll tell you about the easiest way to play PUBG Mobile easily in any less RAM Android device. PUBG Mobile is currently one of the most trendy games in the Google Play store. PUBG Mobile has over 10 million active daily players that are seriously insane.

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So there are lots of users who want to play PUBG on their Android mobile, but because of Low Ram Mobile and Poor Processors they cannot run PUBG Mobile Smoothly. PUBG Mobile is close to 1.5Gb for an Android phone and is an enormous game, so a lot of RAM needs to work smoothly. So if you’re one of those who looks to solve PUBG Mobile’s low-ranking phones problem, follow this guide and we’re sure you can find the solution.

Run PUBG Mobile in Low Ram Device

As we all know the good internet connection PUBG mobile requires at least 2 Gb ram to work in an android device smoothly and, if you still have good Internet and your game doesn’t work perfectly then that could work due to your smartphone Low Ram, You can therefore follow our Play PUBG Mobile without Lag in Android, and you can fix the PUBG Mobile Lagging issue in Android every step.

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The PUBG Mobile Developers recommend that PUBG Mobile perform on a 2Gb ram device on average. If you follow this guide, you will be able to play PUBG on low ram phones smoothly, so you can start the guide without wasting time.

Play PUBG on any low RAM Android Mobile

If you’ve ever played PUBG mobile, you might have seen the option to increase or decrease the quality of graphics in the game, and it’s quite apparent that the app is consuming a lot of Ram and CPU use when playing ULTRA HD Graphics. The first step we take to run PUBG on any Android phone smoothly is to reduce the figures and follow the following approach:

  1. First and foremost Open your device’s PUBG mobile app
  2. Next, you have to start whatever match you want.
  3. You’ll see a gear icon on your mobile screen at the top right corner.
  4. You will now see many options on the right-hand screen
  5. Graphics tap, You will see many options to select from when you tap on the graphics
  6. Now select Smooth graphics and tap.
  7. Tap Frame Rate now and choose Low
  8. Stop the game now and restart it.
  9. This will allow you to see a good ram and plenty of space while playing in the mobile phones with low RAM.

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Play PUBG on any Android phone

I already told you that running PUBG smoothly requires a strong internet connection. This is because the game is based entirely on servers. So while playing the game, you can deal with problems if your internet connection is poor. If you also want to play PUBG online, please follow our Play PUBG mobile guide without Internet Follow the steps below to solve the problem of Internet while playing PUBG on Android:

Run PUBG Mobile Smoothly without lag for WiFi Users

  1. Check first of all the speed you get while you are using the Internet
  2. The game depends on how fast you get
  3. If the Ping Speed is poor, then turn it off for 2 minutes and then turn it back.
  4. Disable all automatic updates with wireless Internet access ( Most android devices start updating apps automatically)
  5. Go back to your game now.

Run PUBG  Mobile Smoothly for Mobile Internet Users

  1. First of all, go to your Android Phone Settings
  2. Go to the option Mobile and Networks
  3. Tap Preferred Network option and tap LTE Now
  4. Turn off your device and restart it
  5. Run your mobile PUBG now.

However, if you don’t follow both methods, you can follow our detailed guide for running PUBG mobile on any Android Phone without a label.

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Play PUBG smoothly on any rootless Android Phone

  1. Turn off your Android device first, by doing so you will end most apps
  2. Go to your device settings and tap Applications
  3. One at a time See all applications and Shortlist the applications you don’t want to run automatically
  4. Open all applications one by one and stop them by force
  5. This gives you plenty of space on your Android Phone.

That’s everything!! Run your PUBG mobile game smoothly after all of the above steps.

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