How to Remove Watermark in Kinemaster

The concept of video editing is becoming popular nowadays. The reason behind this popularity is quite obvious that is more and more people are showing interest in becoming a content creator. The apps which are enabled in this feature is in demand by a huge crowd. More people demand needs an app that can satisfy the editing job in a précised manner. One of such popular app is kinemaster which is the choice among most of the people for editing their videos so must be a great app for sure. Kinemaster app almost every feature that is a must for video editing. There are around 100 million+ downloads done till date by play store it’s quite impressive if noticed properly. Due to the popularity, it has gained over the past years its quite clear to predict that the app is going nowhere in the coming years too.

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What is Kimemaster?

Almost all people nowadays use social media for personnel as well as business use. If you are anyone among those then you must require video editing apps the one which is quite smooth to work on PCs and even on your android phone too. Kinemaster is a great choice to make here as it has standard features supporting great video editing with awesome results at the end. The software has basic tools like crop, cut and brighten. There are even advanced features available such as adding effects, texts stickers and even other things. As the video is sometimes big and has a lot of layers that are not supported by all the video editing software but with kinemaster, such things should not be something to be worried about as it supports multi-layer video and there is no possibility to compromise over the quality of videos. Apart from all above-mentioned features, kinemaster has many other standardized features one can utilize.

All the things in kinemaster are up to the user expectation but the only thing that is is a problem for the free user are the watermark to the videos. Some techniques are quite useful in removing this one is to become the premium user that simple but of course not free. Paying and getting the premium version is not possible for the majority of people how here are some of the alternative techniques to get rid of the watermark in kinemaster.

The best ways to remove watermark in kinemaster are:

#1. Apowersoft Watermark Remover:

The first way I would highlight is the Apowersoft watermark remover software mainly preferred to be used in windows. This is considered as one of the most professional ways to remove the watermark. It has a convenient user interface that is good support for the beginners to use. This software designing is done to remove the watermark from videos as well as photos. There is enabled selection which allows us to select the part from where the watermark. The nicest thing here is to manage the time for disappearing the watermark as per the selection made. There is a bunch of video format supported by this software like MP4, MKV, MOV etc. However, it is a paid software.

The advantage of using this software are:

  1. Supports various file format.
  2. Simple working interface
  3. Can edit a large number of videos simultaneously
  4. Best for a beginner no professional skill required.

#2. Remove Logo Now:

The second software to consider here is the remove logo now. This software is mostly considered to be used in windows. There are lots of users that support this software to be efficient in removing the watermark. This is mainly because it works on an advanced algorithm. It allows user to remove the watermark, logos and many other things in the videos. However, the quality is here sometimes compromised but besides this to work with this software is quite easy.

The advantages of using this software are:

  1. Ease to under and cope with the features.
  2. The function is easily understood

#3. Video Logo Remover:

The third software to add in the list is video logo remover. This is also windows considered software which is quite reliable to use. We can make its use to remove the watermark in kinemaster. The software takes very small space on your computer besides that the program offers great results. For beginners, the use is quite simple to understand. The software is quite impressive with great results.

The advantages of using this software are:

  1. The processing speed to get the video edited is fast.
  2. The functions are self-explanatory

#4. Video Eraser:

The fourth software that I want to add here is video eraser. This is a software used in IOS devices. It is another great software best to remove the watermark from kinemaster. This can be downloaded free to your IOS device. The premium version comes with additional features while the standard ones are coming with basic features. It is found to quick effective to use with quality of videos not damaged.

The advantages of using this software are:

  1. Simple tools availability
  2. Its free software


The kinemaster video editor is a great application the only problem arises is the watermark that however can be removed by using the above-mentioned software and you are good to go.

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