How to Register for PUBG New State Alpha Test

How to Register for PUBG New State Alpha Test

Krafton Inc. has officially announced the launch, under its name “PUBG: New State,” of a new PUBG title for mobile devices. The leaks have already suggested that this week there would be an official trailer with an announcement and, finally, a first look at the game and pre-recording data.

The second mobile title developed by Krafton is PUBG New State. This game was rumoured to be in development for a long time and later confirmed in an interview by the company’s managing producer. PUBG Mobile has gained enormous fame since the game was launched and Krafton is now announcing a possible successor.

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A new PUBG website: The New State is live and provides pre-registration information and the official PUBG trailer. The social media handles of these new titles are also shown on the website. The PUBG: New State information provided by the Google Play Store is as follows:

“The Original Royal Battle”

DOP into PUBG: NEW STATE, the PUBG Studio’s newest title, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS creators.

100 survivors will face up to various weapons and tactics until only one player or team remains standing.

With a constantly declining Blue Zone, players have to search for weapons, vehicles, and consumables to take control.

Only the strongest will emerge in this epic showdown as the “Lone Survivor.” Graphics that exceed the standard of global lighting mobile gaming.

Drop into massive open worlds with the most realistic mobile game graphics.

With mobile graphics from the next generation, PUBG: NEW STATE delivers the whole royal battle experience in the hands of players.

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Realistic and dynamic gunplay

Enjoy realistic, mobile gaming gunplay.

Master different weapons and make them your own with customization of weapons.

Survival of Next Generation

Enjoy a range of tools and features, including drones, fighting rolls, and more.

Explore massive open worlds of 8×8 km with various vehicles.

Use a variety of weapons to fight for a more immersive experience in the royal battle.

PUBG Universe Expansion

Years have passed since the original game shortly. Anarchy rules in 2051 as many factions fight each other.

The competition has developed into a new battlefield with state-of-the-art technology, requiring survivors to take on new tactics.”

As mentioned, the game is set for the future and the first look shows a similar story. Although some of the weapons and appliances look similar, the complications have changed considerably.

The normal holographic view now looks advanced in terms of technology. The vehicles were upgraded to suit this forward-looking topic. The map looks slightly different but also some famous buildings and areas from Erangel. There is also new equipment such as UAV and Shield Walls.

Pre-registration has already started and those who enroll will get a permanent skin free of charge within a certain period. The process of registration is not available in India and only began in a few countries. Overall, this game looks promising and could become a more advanced PUBG Mobile version.

HOW TO REGISTER FOR PUBG: New State Closed Alpha Test

  • Visit PUBG New State official website.
  • Scroll down and click the Alpha Test Tick Agreement Apply Terms and Conditions and click Next.
  • Login to your Google account and finish the survey.
  • To submit your closed alpha test application, click the Enter button and then click the Complete on the next page.


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