How to Recover deleted files from Pen drive

How to Recover deleted files from Pen drive

Losing any kind of important files is always a nightmare because without those files we could land up in real trouble. To avoid such a situation user’s, make use of storing their important files in a pen drive which is of course quite inexpensive as well as portable. But just for a moment think of a situation in which you end up losing all your important files stored in a pen drive too and you do not have any other option left what will you do in such a case. Well, this is one of the questions asked by a lot of people nowadays.

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No backup of their essential data often makes people frustrating as well as curious. Also losing some crucial data in such a silly way is not acceptable by us mainly while transferring data from computer to pen drive or vice versa. In such a situation we suddenly come to know that we end up losing all the data stored in a flash drive and nothing can be done. This is quite disappointing for sure. For once we know that pen drives are one of the most flexible equipment presents that are extensively used to store data. These data can be anything such as important documents, mp3 files, images or even videos. But one more thing cannot be denied that the pen drives come in one of the devices that are highly prone to several types of corruption errors as well as malware. In short, all these problems make the data accessible. There are several reasons involve behind the data loss from the USB devices. This includes:

  1. Deleting the data accidentally
  2. The data is affected by any kind of malware infection
  3. Sudden hardware failure
  4. Any type of software bug involvement
  5. problems associated with the power supply to the USB ports

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These are a few of the problems mainly encountered by most of the users from time to time. In such situations recovering the data from the USB drive becomes quite challenging as well as impossible in short. One thing that can be done is to keep a third backup at your side which is not favoured by a lot of users. The second method is to use various recovering techniques present on the web. In this article, we are going to discuss a few of these methods that are considered to be working most of the time. These methods are secure and have been verified by several online sources as well. Many people have used this method in past and were quite happy with the results.

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Methods that are used to recover data from the pen drive:

As know, we know some of the popular reasons behind the data loss from the USB drive so know we must see the methods that can recover all these data.

Method 1: Use of Command Prompt

The first method that we are going to see is through using the command prompt. The reason why we are giving priority to this method is that here the user has to download nothing such as a third-party tool for the process of recovery. Apart from this is one of the most effective as well as the easiest method present. CMD is formally known as the command prompt which can be explained as an internal function of the windows that mainly allows you to perform several tasks with the use of simple commands. Let’s see the steps involved.

The first thing is to connect your flash drive to the computer

  • After this, all you need to do is to press the windows button +R after that type cmd followed by entering
  • The command prompt window will appear on your screen where you need to type chkdsk A:/f and hit enter button
  • By this, your flash drive will be scanned. Soon after the scanning type ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D A: *.* and then press enter.
  • Wait for some time until the whole process is completed. After this, you will be able to find all your deleted file in the drive.

 Method 2: Use the restore previous technique

The second method to restore deleted files from the USB pen drive is using the restore previous technique. In this method, the users are allowed to restore deleted files without actually downloading the third-party app. The only exception for using this method is that the feature is enabled before losing the data. Let’s follow the steps one by one.

  1. First of all, connect the USB drive to the computer
  2. Now all you have to do is to go to this PC and then in there right-click on the USB flash drive from there proceed to properties.
  3. Right in the menu tab, all you to click is the previous version and then check all the recovery options
  4. Now you need to select the specified previous options and then click on the restore button.


The methods mentioned above are quite useful. Kindly do try 


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