How to make your PC or Laptop faster for Gaming

How to make your PC or Laptop faster for Gaming

If you are someone who uses your Windows PC or laptop for playing games that you must be aware of the idea that this thing can a bit constant as well as something expensive to deal with. I am saying this as your device must be ready to keep up with the constantly increasing demands of these new games without putting up any expensive hardware. As many times the only solution is to spend plenty of money on a new graphic card, more RAM, a bigger hard driver or even a whole new PC which is faster as well efficient. Well, a lot of things can be done without actually spending so much money. These ways are not known to everyone thus people end up taking the idea of an expensive option. These ways to improve your computer gaming performance without dealing with expensive hardware. If you want to play PC games as well as perform other heavy-duty tasks. If you going up with a gaming laptop then all this is kind of simple with all the excellent processor, graphic card and other components but in the case of old laptops, there is so many problems are been noticed from time to time. In such a situation the performance required will not be achieved and the user will end up compromising his gaming experience. In this article, we are going to discuss a few of the methods that one can use to speed up your gaming PC and save up money.

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Let’s look at all these popular methods one by one and have a brief discussion regarding that:

#1. Upgrade graphic card drivers:

This is one of the simplest ways through which you can probably improve the gaming performance of your PC or laptop. As this method will be able to provide the greatest effect. One should update the drivers directly from the graphic card manufacturer website. As many of the people for this work rely on windows to provide the notification once the update is required to be enabled. The simplest way is to proceed to the website few such popular websites in use are or and in there you must locate the driver’s update section. After this, you are required to find the video card model and proceed to download the latest one available down there. There would be instruction available in there that can be simply followed to install the drivers without facing any problem. You must also always check for any update available as whenever you buy a new game the game will mostly be benefited from the updates as well the fixes in the latest drivers. 

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#2. Tweak the graphic card settings:

Both the popular graphic cards from Nvidia and AMD have control panels for their drivers that here allows the user to make required changes to the very settings. Just for an example if you want to improve the performance for any kind of 3D games then you must look for the panel in the controls that deals with all the 3D games. The method of tweaking the graphic card is surely a tradeoff. As its boosting the frame rate which probably reduces the image quality. Bou it worth experimenting as well discovering these kinds of settings as those can work in the best manner that you have not ever thought of.

#3. Free up your CPU and Memory:

The next thing other than the graphic card that can be looked upon for improving the performance of your PC is the CPU and the memory. These two factors or I can resource have the biggest effect on your gaming performance on your PC. You must free these resources to make available place for playing. 

Some of the things that one can do here free the required resources, prevent some programs from launching up automatically as soon as the device is switched on as all these can help a lot with the performance. Some application like anti-virus is an exception that can be left out. One of the easiest ways to remove such applications is CleanMyPC as it works quite smoothly without stopping the important things taking place in your device.

#4. Adjust the in-game settings:

This is one of the most important things that will affect the performance of your PC or Laptop while playing many known games. If settings are done correctly then it can speed up your PC to some great extent. For example, if we consider that we are in requirement to set up the DirectX version, change the resolution or set up the quality of the feature like the texture, shadows or the reflection. If your PC or Laptop is in the position of struggling to run the game smoothly then in such a situation reducing the quality of the textures, shadows and reflection will surely help as it would free up the graphic processing power that can be used the improve the frame rate overall.

#5. Prevent your PC from getting overheated:

As it’s quite a common problem that whenever a PC gets overheated it automatically cuts the CPU as well GPU that in simple version start working in a very slow manner. That is mainly done so that both CPU as well GPU is not damaged in any case. One of the easiest ways that can prevent your PC from getting overheated is to keep it clean and free from dust. As the dust particle enters the clog vents and then in there stop the fans from working properly this all result in overheating your PC. You must regularly check for dust and clean it from time to time.


I hope all the ways mentioned above will be a great help to my readers out there


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