How to kill Mobs using Entity Cramming in Minecraft

The game of Minecraft has been a great adventure for millions of players worldwide and in the past few years, the craze of this game has become almost double. Well, this is possible to the required advanced changes made within the game which overall has made many possible things within the game possible such as User interface, updates and entry of new plots as well characters. All these things are still changing and updating overtime to increase the support of players. Many of you must already be got that today’s article topic is all about Minecraft and one of the main questions asked by many players recently that how can a player kill mobs using entity cramming in the Minecraft game. Now within the Minecraft game, all living creatures are mainly known as entities and therefore there is a limit on how many of these living creatures can be together at the same place that to a particular time. So mainly the rule within the game is known as the entity cramming and that too by default does not allow more than 24 mobs to stand on the same block itself. Now let’s understand the entity cramming in Minecraft.

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What is Entity Cramming in Minecraft?

At first, the entity is a creature within the Minecraft game which should be understood first. Now each entity in here interact with the player but the way of interacting is quite different from each other which is surely understandable. In here some entities will not harm the player in any way whereas some are quite passive and due to which it attacks only the player if they are attacked first. This surely makes the point a bit clearer that dangerous entities are also featured within the game that mostly spawns at night and thus will surely attack the player as soon as they are encountered at night in their sight. Now fighting against these entities mainly requires the players to mostly equip themselves with many weapons as well as armours. So, to survive in this sandbox game, the players mainly have to grind themselves to get a better gear up. If we see at the rules then there are certain rules as well as limitations that mainly help the players to balance Minecraft in the survival mode. As we are already aware of the fact that the game needs to get more challenging with time. This is the reason till the end of the game the challenge is on its verge. This is one of the most common questions asked by new players who are recently engaged with the game. Well, one is clear for sure that the entity cramming is a pretty essential mechanic in-game need.

Now the most favourable thing here is that entity cramming can be changed by the players using the “\ game rule maxEntityCramming <value>” command available in the chat window. The players here can easily set the maximum number of mobs as high as the value of 100, but this is most significant as the effect the game overall performance and the cause lag.

How can Entity Cramming game rule be used to kill the mobs?

This is one of the most important questions here asked by every other player engaged with this very game. It can be said that when there are more mobs available on the block then the max value is set for the entity cramming and with this, a random mob will die and the players, therefore, will be engaged in collecting the items dropped up it. And for this, the player is at least required to trap 24 mobs or have a chamber that mainly uses Minecraft to maximize the entity with the capacity per block. This is mainly done because if a mob enters the chamber, it mainly gets suffocated and hence ends up dying. Now let’s look at the procedure that can be used to create a simple mob killing chamber that uses the entity cramming.

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Step by step procedure to create a simple mob killing chamber that uses the Entity Cramming:

  1. Firstly, place a chest with a hopper that is kind of placed above it. Apart from this the players also need to make sure that the hopper is been connected to the very chest.
  2. Now after using the sneak the players are in need to place a rail on the hooper
  3. This should at least place 24 minecarts on the rail.
  4. After this with the use of almost any block the player can create four 2×1 walls around the minecart.
  5. The wall in here should be at least two blocks high and this is done to make sure that the mob is not able to escape by any means. Also, the glass is mostly preferred by the players as they can easily see through the so-called chamber.

This is the basic chamber and it is engaged in killing the mob as soon as it enters. Also, this minecarts are used so that the players do not have to worry about the number.

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I hope the information been shared above was helpful to my readers.  

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