How to Install Anydesk on Ubuntu

Many of us are already aware of anydesk application as today’s article is based on that. As in here, we are going to discuss the topic quite popular nowadays that how can someone install anydesk on the ubuntu. The article will be covering most of the important points. We are aware that anydesk is an outstanding application for remote desktop. It is just similar to TeamViewer. It would we not wrong in calling it remote management that can provide to almost any computer placed at any location. This is available for many popular platforms widely in use nowadays such as Linux-based systems, windows, mac and OfCourse android as well. This application can be utilized by an individual, teams as well as professional organizations which kind of offers remote support to its customers.

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One more thing that comes in handy with this application is the fact that used to organize as well as attend meetings just like other meeting platforms. The best example that matches its Webex and TeamViewer application currently quite widely in use. One of the advantages that the anydesk application provides to its users is that it’s quite faster in terms of remote connection than most of the other application present in the market. Many people have given awesome reviews on the use of this very application. At this point, anydesk is one of the popular platforms that provide independent remote access to the personnel computers and the other devices that runs on the host application. Apart from this it even provides remote control as well as file transfer.

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Some of the important facts about the anydesk application is been listed below:

  • The release year of the Anydesk application is 2015
  • The license is propriety software
  • The developers associated with this very software is Anydesk Software GmbH, Germany
  • The operating systems which it supports include Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, FreeBSD and Raspberry Pi
  • The programming languages used in the development of this are Erlang, C++

Now let’s look at the top features offered by Anydesk:

The application of Anydesk comes with a lot of features loaded inside but most of these features depend on which kind of license you are making use of:

  • Anydesk offers uninterrupted remote access to multiple computers
  • Support almost all the operating systems widely used by people nowadays
  • There is a feature available for file transfer as well as access
  • The print out facility is also available through a remote connection
  • It supports VPN
  • There is even troubleshoot problems solved without any kind of interruption
  • There is a chat function provided all the time
  • The interface offered by the platform is user friendly
  • The process of installation is not complex that is why done quickly

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Now let’s proceed to the steps through which the user can the anydesk platform on ubuntu:

Step 1: Install Anydesk on Ubuntu

The application of Anydesk is available for both 64 bits as well as 32-bit platforms. All you need to do is to proceed on the official site of the application and then from there, you can directly download the Debian packages. In place of this, you can even make use of the apt repository to install the necessary packages as well. The first thing to do in this correspondence is to add the repository key to the most trusted software providers list at once. Use of below command.

$ wget -qO - | apt-key add -
  1. Soon after this, you need to configure the anydesk application apt repository:
$ echo "deb all main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/anydesk.list
  • Now after that finally all you have to do is to install anydesk on the ubuntu system just by executing the following commands used in your system:
$ Sudo apt update
$  Sudo apt install anydesk

All the commands written above will install the anydesk application on your ubuntu system including any kind of dependencies

Step 2: Launch the Anydesk

In the second step, you are required to follow the steps for the launch of the anydesk application. Now as the installation is completed you will be receiving an anydesk ID for connecting it to all the required remote systems you want easily. All you need is to set a password for the unattended access. This will be fixing a permanent password on your system which can be used anytime to connect. Through this, it can be used anytime for connection. Now proceeding forward kindly do check the enable unattended access checkbox and set a secure password. One more thing that is important is to keep the password safe.

Step 3: Connect to Anydesk

Once you are done with installing the application of anydesk on your system now you are required to do the same thing in the client system. After this connect it to the remote system using the ID provided by the anydesk platform and then set the password according to the specification made in previous steps. Now all the things are completed. All you have to do is to access the desktop of the remote system you want.  

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All the steps mentioned above should be followed in the correct order to achieve the best result. I hope the article was useful to all my readers.

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