How to get free skins in PUBG Mobile

How to get free skins in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most playing games created by Tencent Titles. Every year it brings millions of dollars for the Chinese Developer and that is the reason the PUBG game keep updating bring more excitement to its users. The game is updating frequently adding new accessories, costumes (skins) and more and thus give the players more excitement with every season or with every update.

Tencent Games not only made the PUBG but other games also such as Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile but PUBG is the most playing game all over the world and generate more income than other games. In this article, we will be discussing about How to get free skins in PUBG Mobile. Normally it is a paid feature of PUBG Mobile but here we are going to explain how to get costumes and accessories for free in PUBG Mobile.

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Get free accessories and skins in PUBG Mobile

Before we proceed we would like to inform our readers that you may find several blogs or videos over the internet that would promise to provide the paid accessories, costumes and skins for free but most of the them are fake and will not provide you anything and we do not recommend such unreliable services that are available on the Internet and often make false promises.

Now let’s discuss about the process or steps by which we can get free accessories and skins in PUBG Mobile.

As you start with PUBG Game, the character appeared does not have any costumes, accessories or skins and it appear naked. This is because you need to equip the character with clothing and you normally can buy it from the option available there. You can buy clothes and other accessories simply by the coins you purchase or if you do have Royale Pass. With the use of coins you can easily obtain clothes, weapons and cars. It is also possible to open boxes with interesting objects and pay for spinning wheels with exclusive advertising content and laboratory weapons. So, if you able to arrange the coins for free, you easily can get the free skin in PUBG Mobile.  If you do have unlimited coins (UC), you can get Classic, Premium and Provision boxes and thus it is possible to get free skins and accessories within the game.

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Steps to Get the Coins in PUBG For Free

  • To access the Game Store, simply click the shopping cart logo on the right side of the lobby (main interface of the game) just above the RP logo. 
  • As soon as we click there, we find several entries. You must select in Exchange later download and locate the classic box coupon piece logo that we will then mark in the red box in the screenshot that we mark next to the premium box coupon piece logo, which we identify with a yellow box.
  • The value of the classic and premium pieces is 20 silver coins. Only up to 5 classic box pieces can be bought per day, which also applies to premium box pieces. These are used to create classic and premium boxes after combining 10 pieces. 
  • To combine the pieces we have to go to Inventory that is hosted in the main interface of PUBG Mobile, in the bottom bar of the game. 
  • Then you have to click on the logo of the box which is in the lower right corner. 
  • This is where the classic and premium box pieces are, and when you have 10 or more of each, you need to select Combine to create and open the coupons.
  • To see the items available through the Classic and Premium boxes, you need to re-enter the store
  • Now click on the entrance of Boxes , which is housed in the lower right corner. Then in the column that we can see on the right side of the screen there are the entries of Premium Box y Classic Box , among others; Here we give you information about what we can achieve by opening the respective vouchers.
  • You can only purchase Classic Cash Coupon parts worth 30 guild points through the guild shop (only available if you are registered with one), which are earned by completing guild missions. Parts of the supply box are also available in the guild shop and cost 8 guild points.

Another way to get classic boxing is to push the Battle Pass forward. 

You have to level up each season as certain levels have rewards such as crate pieces and gun skins, parachutes and suits.

It is also possible to get the seasonal skins that are provided according to rank. To access these you have to click on the season logo which is positioned in the lower left corner of the main interface. 

They must be accumulated once five games of each rank have been played, e.g. B. Gold (suit), platinum (helmet), diamond (weapon skin) and ace (parachute).

To get Supply Boxes you need to achieve achievements and advance in the Royale Pass. Also, you have to play numerous games and, as mentioned earlier, get them through the clan. These are provided after you complete missions and other activities. 

As with the classic and premium boxes, you need to have 10 parts in order to create and open them. Of course, the objects obtained with these are temporary; few are permanent and the chances of obtaining them are slim.

In all three cases (Classic, Premium and Provision Box) only silver coins or other objects of little interest can come out, so you don’t always win. You’ll have to open lots of boxes to get free skins over time. It is also important to procure silver coins to exchange them for coupon pieces.

It is also possible to purchase skins from within the store using the silver coins obtained through the boxes and the purchases made through the BP coins obtained from completing games and rewards. Exactly where the classic and premium coupon items are, there are also weapons suits and clothing as well as helmets and accessories.

On the other hand, in terms of achievements, to see which ones are available for completion, and to know what they are offering as a reward, you have to participate in terms of Achievements, Mission , option in the bottom bar of the main interface of the game. In the right frame, in the last entry, we see the section of performance. There are dozens of successes to be achieved. Upon completion, you will receive vouchers from classic, premium and commission boxes as well as from the boxes directly, silver and BP coins and skins.


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