How to get Free COD points in Call of Duty Mobile

How to get Free COD points in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty is one of the popular games played by a lot of gamers around the globe. It’s free to play shooter game that was developed by Timi studios and then was published by Activision for both androids as well as iOS devices. The game however was launched on the 1st of October 2019 and since then has successfully managed to get a lot of players joined to their platform. The game can be said to have a whole new fan level base as it has been seen as one of the largest games launched in the history of games. Players of this game are almost crazy about the features, plotline and almost anything linked with COD. According to a recent survey, people prefer to play this game more as compared to PUBG. Call of Duty has managed to generate about US$480 million with an overall download of 270 million taken place within a year. In other regions, the game has been successfully published by Garena, Tencent games as well as VNG games. Now moving inside the game where COD points is an essential asset without which the player is unable to play the game as well move to higher levels.

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COD points also known as CP are the in-game currency used within the call of duty game. The main use of this currency is for purchasing numerous items such as skins and emotes from the store managed within the game for the players. Apart from this the tier-based reward system, battle pass, can also be bought using these COD points. But to get hold of these COD points the players have to pay real money. This concept of using real money in a game is not convenient to a lot of players. Due to which they lack various opportunity. As spending money is not a feasible way that is why players always look forward to finding many alternative methods through which the COD points can be gained. In this article, we are going to see some of the widely used methods to achieve COD points without spending even a single penny from your pocket. So, if you someone who seeks this information then kindly read ahead. Let see each of the options one by one.

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#1. Google Opinion Rewards:

This method is considered the most trusted way to earn free COD points just by filling some simple surveys on the platform. The main concept behind this app is that there are a lot of surveys made available to the users from time to time on a different occasion that they require to fill. However, the survey may differ as per the variable that is why the earning from this very method takes some time. But once the money is earned then one can easily use it to recharge the game in Google Play Store. Hence the people make use of money to achieve COD points. This is a simple method to achieve COD points in a small duration of time.

#2. GPT Apps:

These apps are platforms that pay their users in form of points. There are many tasks in here that is required to be completed and once that’s done the app rewards the users with some points. As we are already aware that various apps running in the market has their rewarding system but the whole points remain the same at the core. So once the user has enough points, he/she can get hold of Google to play vouchers, stream codes and many other things in exchange for the points. GPT apps are mostly third-party apps so it might be possible that sometimes it’s available on the play store as well. Some of the widely used GPT apps are poll pay and easy rewards. These apps are easily available on the Google play store. Users can make use of such amazing apps to redeem various awards after completing several tasks to get the rewards at last. Some of the GPT apps are discussed below kindly have a read.

#3. Swagbucks:

This app is a re-owned GPT platform or website that provides the players with SB upon the completion of various tasks in form of surveys, quizzes and much more. The players can later use these SB to redeem several rewards such as gift cards or even PayPal money which can later be used to buy the COD points to be used in Call of Duty game.

#4. PrizeRebel:

This is also a widely used GPT platform like Swagbucks. In here too users have to do similar things such as completing surveys to get points that can be afterwards used to redeem many possible rewards to get the COD points. The cash out method here can vary based on the players of the particular country. There are many known applications as well as websites such as YSense and PollyPay that players mostly used to get hold of COD points.

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I hope the methods mentioned above was useful to all my readers.  


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