How to Download Instagram Reel Videos

Many of us are already aware of Instagram and all of its unique feature as a whole. There are millions of people who are joined to this very platform due to its unique or I can say outstanding feature that is been updated from time to time to provide the user with a great experience. The platform is even termed as quite a user friendly as everything up there is very easy to use without much of a hassle. Instagram can be termed as one of the most used social media handles of the century so far.

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As long as the new feature of Instagram is concerned the reels has gained quite a support from the user around the globe. However, some reels are exceptionally unique and that is the reason people often save them to see the reel whenever they want. The method of saving the reels on android devices is very simple to be done. In this article, we are going to discuss the top three methods that android users can use to save their favourite reels. The Instagram new reel feature comes with an updated version where the user is allowed to record one or many clips, he wants for 15 seconds at most. This reel function on Instagram is used by many contents creator to showcase their talent in various fields for the past few months since the launch. If you maintain a presence of these Instagram reels on the various social media platform. But apart from all this, it’s quite hard to keep up with all these reels as your followers may expect the reels from time to time.

So basically, when content creators focus on developing these short videos then it has been noticed that this part is quite time-consuming. But one thing is a relief factor that using these reels on Instagram is not that complex. Firstly, for those people who are not yet aware of these reels, I would like to define the tech a little. Instagram reels are nothing but one of the recently launched Instagram feature which was developed in contrast to the Tik-Tok alternative. Here you can create a video of 15 seconds and then provide music of any type in that. Afterwards, the video can be shared on Instagram stories or even as a post from your account. Now yet we are familiar with what is an Instagram reel let us move to the methods the users can use to download these reels. We are going to discuss three methods here.

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Method 1:  Video downloader of Instagram – Repost Instagram

The first method that we are going to discuss is one of the most promising methods and that is the reason behind its extensive use in the market. The method is quite simple and is only for android user. The first thing that you are required to do is to open the play store app on your device and then in the search bar search for an app known as a video downloader for Instagram – repost Instagram. Soon you may see an app with rainbow colour in the list click on that and install it on your device. After the successful installation kindly set the app. This may involve giving essential access to your gallery, video etc. After everything is done go to your Instagram app and copy the link of the reel you want to download. After this return to the video downloader and paste the URL in there. Most of the time it’s done automatically. Now you can see the download option available with the qualities option too. After downloading the reels will be automatically be stored in your gallery.

Method 2: Screen Recording

The second method that we are going to talk about is downloading the reels via screen downloader which is a smart method to use. This method is mostly used if the users don’t want to use a third-party app.

The method can be used in both androids as well as iOS devices. On Android devices, the user can go to the build-in screen recorder option or even use a third-party app. Once you know the way you are going to use that you must capture the video of your screen just by clicking few buttons. The only thing that is a matter of concern here is that the quality of the video downloaded differ. 

Method 3: Download Reels using Kapwing

The third method that we are going to discuss here can be new for a lot of you. Let me introduce you that kapwing as a video downloader as well as a video editing tool. In this application, you are required to create an account which can be done for free. You just need the link of your favourite Instagram reels and then go stick it on the application. The website is known as Just open it choose the video editing option and then paste the link on the search bar. All you need to do now is to export the video to your device and it will get saved in no time.

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I hope all the methods described above will be of use to my readers.           

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